Monday, March 16, 2009

There Goes Another Campaign Pledge

Reading this article, Administration open to taxing health benefits, we see that yet another campaign pledge by Obama has gone by the wayside. I don't know if anyone is keeping track on how many campaign promises he has reversed himself on but they are mounting.

Obama said during the campaign that he did not agree with taxing employer paid health care benefits. After making a big show of being against the idea during the campaign and gaining political capitol out of it, he is now quietly signaling through his staff that he would be willing to consider taxing the benefits.

The word from his staff is that Obama would not oppose the tax if Congress passed the legislation. This is sleazy. You can write the script now. Congress will attach the tax to a budget bill, they'll throw in some scraps for vets or something to make it hard for the GOP to vote against it, and Obama will hold a ceremony saying he does not agree with the tax and is upset that Congress did not follow through with his campaign pledge but he must sign it anyways "to keep the government running"

Sound familiar? You heard the same routine last week on his opposition to earmarks. Funny thing about the earmark farce is that he was able to blame it on Bush even though it was written by a Democratic controlled Congress and Bush had nothing to do with it. Luckily the whores in the media will believe anything he says and run with it.

The not so funny part of this issue is that he attacked McCain for doing the same thing. During the campaign McCain proposed taxing employer paid health care benefits and Obama criticized the idea (one of them few Obama stances I agreed with). In fact, his exact words were that it would be “the largest middle-class tax increase in history.”

Keeping with his style of attack ads during the campaign, Obama did not tell the whole truth on McCain's plan, leaving out the fact that McCain wanted to give everyone a tax credit to pay for health coverage.

Now, I thought that McCain's plan was stupid but give him credit for being upfront about it. I guess the moral to the story here is that Obama has shown that dishonesty in a campaign pays.

So the recap, McCain says during the campaign that he wanted to tax employer paid health care, Obama (who promised to cut middle class taxes) criticized it as a tax on the middle class. Now Obama wants to tax employee paid health care.

We haven't seen this level of audacity since, yesterday.

I assume everyone remembers during the campaign that McCain said the fundamentals of the economy were strong. Obama and his people howled. What a ridiculous statement. There is some speculation that this statement along with Obama's attack, as much as anything else, cost McCain the election.

Now back to the present. Yesterday on Meet The Press Obama economic advisor Christina Romer said, you guessed it, the fundamentals of the economy are strong.

But on Sunday, that optimistic message came from economic adviser Christina Romer. When asked during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" if the fundamentals of the economy were sound, she replied: "Of course they are sound."

"The fundamentals are sound in the sense that the American workers are sound, we have a good capital stock, we have good technology," she said. "We know that - that temporarily we're in a mess, right? We've seen huge job loss, we've seen very large falls in GDP. So certainly in the short run we're in a - in a bad situation."

Read more:

Do not let anyone tell you differently or try to explain this away, this is exactly what McCain was saying. One can only assume that Obama will go on the attack against his advisor and run a commercial ridiculing her statement.

So, for any aspiring politicians reading this post, the lesson today is; say what you want during the campaign, once you get elected you can change it all. Change, that is definitely one campaign promise Obama has kept.


stormin said...

and nobody cares because in reality nobody listened to a single thing he said. it was just more important to elect symbolism over substance.

shoprat said...

How about this? We force all candidates to sign a written statement of what they will and won't do and then impose a BROKEN PROMISE TAX of a significant amount of money, from their own pockets, for every broken promise.

Chuck said...

Stormin, if peopel listened there were clues

Shoprat, sounds good but the problem is all of our politicians would be taxed penniless and be on food stamps if we did this and that would be embarassing to our country.

Flavor Country said...

What you are kidding me!! A broken campaign promise!! He must be the first, I can't think of any other candidate going back on a promise before, this is not the change I voted for, that's for sure.

That son of a Bitch!

Chuck said...

Flavor, it's not the broken promise. As I said above, he's certainly not alone in this. It's an inbred flaw in all politicians. IMHO all politicians lie, it's virtually an expectation.

I can't believe though that you could defend the way he treated McCain on both issues and then as soon as he got in the WH he did the same damned thing he was ridiculing him about. That is my issue. He is a classless, petty hypocrite.

Flavor Country said...


Is it breaking a pledge or trying to figure out the best way to do things?

Maybe Mccain's idea was right maybe it wasn't. Are you a hypocrite because you realize your opponents plan may have some ground?

Anyway once it comes out of his mouth then you can fairly criticize. Rumors are just that, rumors. Campaigns by definition have no class. Every politician uses the same practices.

I am sure you would not have use the term classless or hypocrite if your party's leader would have the same rumors flying around once elected.

Bush broke a few promises himself...... I'm sorry he's not in office anymore my bad.

Man Chuck, it's hard being the only liberal on this blog!

Take Care Guys

Always On Watch said...

I wish that I could believe that most BHO supporters will see all these discrepancies and game playing.

But I'm not sure they CAN see what's happening.

As one caught in the loop trying to find private health insurance, I know this: if health benefits are taxed, all those with employer-based health insurance are in for one helluva rude awakening on their taxes. Premiums run high, but covered employees don't pay federal tax on those premiums deducted from their paychecks. In fact, some workers could well be boosted into a higher-rate tax bracket. Now, if these newly taxed individuals (unfortunately, most not government workers as they pay little for health insurance as it is) recognize just who foisted those taxes on them, there might be some sort of rebellion against this President and Congress, more likely the latter.

I do note that BHO's many programs create a lot of government jobs. The health tax on them won't begin to compare to the health tax on those working for private industry.

And what about me, as a self-employed individual? Will I no longer be able to deduct those health insurance premiums from my business? I'm guessing not.

In short, I think that this taxing mentioned here is another way to further nationalized health care.

Chuck said...

Flavor, we may not always see eye to eye but I do enjoy your company. Never think your opinion is not welcome. As far as Bush, I still support him but trust me, there is disappointment.

AOW, I have a tendancy to agree on the drive to nationalized health care. It has been a unfulfilled dram of the Democrats since Clinton botched his plan.

Truth is, I'm in favor of all people having health insurance, I just don't want the feds controlling it. They have yet to show that they can run any program efficiently and cost effectively, under any administration.

My take on universal health care is that we would actually save money in the long run if all were insured. Under the current system, people without health insurance still get medical care and it is paid for by the taxpayers, it is just done in a poor way financially. Often they let medical conditions go until they are severe and chronic and we end up paying significantly more for their care.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

I wonder, is there anyone left who actually believe a single word of Barry's "campaign rhetoric"?

Flavor Flav dear, you fail to understand the point. Barry ran as "CHANGE". So everything about him is a lie as he back peddles and worms his way out of every single major campaign pledge he made. He isn't change. He's Bill Clinton with some actual skin pigment.

As for Bush,he's a Democrat so of course he broke promises. Only a Democrat would ignore the border as well as Bush did. I mean look at Barry he's barely mentioned it, see typical Dem. Well Barry did say something along the lines of,"Oh look Americans are being slaughtered on our border, wow, that sucks."

Papa Frank said...

It's al a neat little tap dance. Problem is, when the music stops the American people will be the ones left standing holding the bill.

Z said...

Don't bother me, I'm still whining that we've got a guy who dissed England BIG time, dissed Brazil's bigwig, and a guy who's dissed the traditional Gridiron dinner, which I have ALWAYS loved to watch on CSPAN because it's his daughters' Spring Break. Does Spring Break have to start Saturday night at Camp David? it's only a 20 min flight on the helicopter.

I just don't get some of this stuff.........campaign pledge breaks, no.....but pledges to honor our country and do the traditional things? Ya, I think that's part of his job, don't you?