Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This Is A Little Embarrassing

I wrote a post earlier today saying that I agreed with Obama that AIG should not be paying bonuses to it's employees while they are getting bailout funds. Even though I had many responses that did not agree with me, and many of them made valid points, I stand by what I said in my post.

I do want to do a little follow up on it though.

I came across this list this evening (hat tip to Right Side Politics Examiner for the link). The article links to a site, American International Group: All Recipients, that lists the top recipients of AIG political contributions over the last 10 years.

Now if you read the article I linked to last night, Obama Says Administration Will Try to Block AIG Bonuses, you will see that a number of politicians are critical of AIG's bonuses. Turns out a couple of these politicians have received money from AIG.

President Barack Obama (D) $107,332

-Obama called the bonuses "hard to understand." and "an outrage"

Sen Richard Shelby (R, AL) $31,250

-"These people (AIG) brought this on themselves. Now you're rewarding failure. A lot of these people should be fired, not awarded bonuses. This is horrible. It's outrageous,"

It appears Sen Shelby is talking about AIG but substitute "AIG" with "US Congress" of which Mr Shelby is a part and he could be talking about himself.

As a bonus, we have another Obama official

-Vice President Joe Biden $41,350

Now the question is, if these men are so outraged by what is happening at AIG, shouldn't they return these campaign contributions?


LomaAlta said...

Nice examples Chuck. You nailed it.

Z said...

I had to come by and tell you a very funny comment I saw at Frontpagemag.com just now... I can't quote it exactly because it was a little profane, but "Another pink commie b.... in the WHite House under obama. Good thing Stalin's dead."

that killed me!

Randy said...

Good point. Every elected official should return any contribution that AIG made. If they are going to (try to) take back the bonuses, it's the least they politicians can do.

DaBlade said...

I love getting lectured by this hypocritical bunch. They will return their bonus windfalls when algore freezes over.

AP said...

Thanks for clearing that up.

Was scared we lost you for a minute.


- AP

Loves To Debate said...

See my blog for the entire deal.

Loves To Debate said...

PS If you want to see the hight of hypocrisy, check out this dimwits blog.


stormin said...

thanks for leading the way on this story Chuck. i blogged about this this morning and added your post to it.

Bags said...

Yeah I was torn on this whole issue as well. The comments are right that many of these "bonuses" are not really that (they are contractual pay) and are in the $1,000 range. Unfortunately we would spend more money trying to sort out who should and shouldn't get one so we should just let it go.

However, who says the government can't break a contract? The mortgage bailout is going to break plenty of mortgage contracts!!

Mustang said...

The question is a good one, but unfortunately, it makes an erroneous assumption about the integrity of elected officials. You see ... there are two rules: Rules for them, and rules for everyone else. Nevertheless, I'm glad I could help you work through this Chuck ... but no, I cannot accept the nomination of my party for elective office. You see, I just can't lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate, or commit crimes through commission or omission.

mksviews said...

It's a valid point Chuck, i doubt their media shills will be posing that question to them.

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, thanks

Z, yuck yuck

Randy, if they are going to demand a return of the bonus money then..

DaBlade, agreed. I though Gore had frozen over? Why is he so stiff then?

AP, I'm still here

Debate, I've seen this tards site before. I don't have a problem with a lib site if there is intelligence there. This is boring "I hate Bush for no reason what so ever" nonsense. Look no further than his "we have a man in the WH now" comment.

Stormin, thanks, I'll stop by

Bags, I heard there were 73 people who got more than a million a piece, not sure

Mustang, they have set themselves up as the new aristocracy

MK, don't hold your breath, I lucked into this list

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Feigned outrage and hypocrisy at its finest!