Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Sounds Like A Great Idea

Saw this article on Fox News Lawmakers Seek to Tie Exec Pay to Performance. The obvious thought on this is, good idea.

In fact it is so good, let's not stop with the board room. Let's apply it to state and federal governments. Let all Congressmen, state legislators, Governors and the President work by a similar pay scale.

If the country is staying safe from harm, if they have the budget balanced, if Social Security is staying funded so we can retire, if people are working, then they get paid accordingly.

If they have the country in a mess, if we are not protected, if we have people poring across our southern border like it's a Best Buy sale the day after Thanksgiving, if unemployment is in the high single digits, if the stock market is in the low 4 digits, then they get minimum wage.

I would even be willing to pay a very good salary to them. Set a benchmark for performance and if they exceed this they get bonuses.

If the members of Congress are not willing to apply the same standard to themselves, the office of the President, state legislators, and Governors, than they need to mind their own business and stop wasting our time with gimmicky legislation.

What are your thoughts?


kevin said...

The bonuses of execs is minuscule compared to the wasted tax dollars in Obama's earmarks.

Leslie said...

Those are my thoughts exactly Chuck! Well said. It is so hypocritical for them to even approach this topic! But, it seems everything they say is nothing that they themselves do...

*sigh* When will common sense come back to our world?

AP said...

Exactly right. Gimmicky legislation.

Z said...

I'm not for our government in any way having a thing to do with what company want to pay their execs...
I'm so tired of the subtle and not so subtle of running companies into the ground as if they're ALL greedy, corrupt demons who mean America harm. Companies made America by the sweat of their people.

That executives have been GROSSLY overpaid, in my opinion, is a travesty...NOBODY deserves even FIVE MILLION a year unless they've cured cancer, imo (neither do sports figures), but get the government hands OFF. Let Americans shame the corporate execs who lead companies in which we hold shares and regulate that way.

I can dream! Anyway, my biggest nightmare is obama telling GM's president what he can make. Can't happen. It's just another step toward showing Americans who don't THINK or CARE we're slipping into a nanny state, that we can't trust anybody BUT the government.


Z said...

Oops! I forgot:

end of rant.

cube said...

A meritocracy only scares those without merit.

Chuck said...

Kevin, agreed. We're paying as much for a swamp rat in CA as a lot of these bonuses. I guess I'd rather see a rat on Wall Street get the money than a rat in San Francisco.

Leslie, thanks and I meant this for all politicians, not just the Dims in Washington currently.

BTW, Leslie. I'm having trouble posting at your site. You had a great post today on the new bill proposed and I have been unable to post the last couple of times. I hit the post button and nothing happens.

AP, something for the people in the cheap seats.

Z, it's simple socialization. State control of the industries.

Cube, well said.

mksviews said...

"Let all Congressmen, state legislators, Governors and the President work by a similar pay scale."

Add performance to a public school teachers pay as well Chuck and you'll never see anything evaporate as quickly as their yearning for performance-based pay.

Leslie said...

Oh, thanks Chuck. I will check it out. And yes...all of them, not just the dims. :D I think we need a reset button for government offices.