Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Would Go Well

According to this article, $750 billion "green" investment could revive economy: U.N., the UN wants to tax gasoline worldwide to start a world "green new deal".

OSLO (Reuters) - Investments of $750 billion could create a "Green New Deal" to revive the world economy and protect the environment, perhaps aided by a tax on oil, the head of the U.N. environment agency said on Thursday.

Achim Steiner said spending should focus on five environmental sectors including improved energy efficiency for buildings and solar or wind power to create jobs, curb poverty and fight climate change.

"The opportunity must not be lost," Steiner, head of the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP), told Reuters of a UNEP study that will be put to world leaders meeting in London on April 2 to work out how to spur the ailing economy.

The UNEP report said investments of one percent of global gross domestic product, or about $750 billion, could bankroll a "Global Green New Deal" inspired by the "New Deal" of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt that helped end the depression of the 1930s.

Investments should be split between more energy efficient buildings, renewable energies, better transport, improved agriculture and measures to safeguard nature -- such as fresh water, forests or coral reefs, it said.

Thursday's study adds details of spending after UNEP called for a Green New Deal late last year.

Steiner also said that the world urgently needed funds to jump start a U.N. deal to fight global warming, due to be agreed in Copenhagen in December to succeed the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012.

He floated the possibility of taxing oil in rich nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to help a new pact become the cornerstone of a greener economy.

See, they're not taxes us, they're taxing the oil companies. Anybody else think it's a bad idea to tax oil in a global economic downturn and give the money to the UN to spend?


Z said...

chuck, nothing to do with this piece (I have to get out of the house and am late!), but check out my blog....
I think you'll enjoy it! It's about YOU! See you later this afternoon!

kevin said...

I always thought the whole global warming hoax was about taxes.

Mustang said...

I will have a proposal on this issue for you to consider tomorrow. I may get a Nobel Prize for this one ... and I could sure use the money to pay my tax bill.

Semper Fi

The Gray Headed Brother said...


What's the matter 8 years of that dumb ass you had in office wasn't enough?

Chuck said...

Z, thanks for the mention, it was a nice post

Kevin, pretty much

Mustang, I'll stop by

Gray Headed, thanks for the ignorance, you represent everything I say about liberalism well

Leslie said...

The biggest mistaken claim they made in this article was saying that Roosevelt's New Deal helped end the depression. It actually made it last much longer! I'm so sick of twisted history.

Brooke said...

The UN is no longer making any bones about destroying our economy and other Western economies.

I say it is long past time to disband them.

mksviews said...

The key to understanding that plans like this will only lead to failure is that the organisation that came up with the grand plan (UN), needs someone else to fund it. Have nothing to do with them, they are nothing but a bunch of dangerous parasites.