Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Visit This Great Blog

I was recently introduced to a blog by fellow blogger Z. The blog is I Hate The Media and it is great. It is on my blog roll and I try to visit it daily.

They write good analysis and even cooler, I won a t-shirt from them.

So I want to brag a little about winning the t-shirt, thank them for the shirt, and most importantly, encourage all to stop by and see them. They have a great site over there.


My Files said...

Will do.

stormin said...

thanks for the tip Chuck. i also BaracksTeleprompter blog as well.

EatYourOkra said...

I'll go check them out! Sounds like a blog right up my alley.

Brooke said...

Nice tee!

Thanks for the heads-up!

cube said...

Oh sure, brag about the cool new t-shirt.


Just teasing. I'm on my way.

Anonymous said...

Hey cool, didn't know there was a photo up with your shirt on it. We're happy to have sent it off to you, and to have you as a regular visitor!

Keep up the links to our site, it keeps you on our "Thanks for the Link" list and hopefully is sending some of our readers your way.


Leslie said...

LOL Chuck, I was planning on doing this kind of blog when I get my coffee mug...

I agree, it is a good blog! They are up to date on the news and have insightful and entertaining commentary.


mksviews said...

Nice one, thanks chuck, i'm heading over right now.

Z said...

Wow! you already got it! That's great! I'm so glad you enjoy that site, too..it's a good one.

congratulations again..to you AND Leslie

DaBlade said...


But what looks even MORE AWESOME is the blog you have up on the screen :) I've blown the pic up 100X but can't quite read the URL!

Thanks for the product placement!

Chuck said...

Leslie, I'm dense, I didn't realize you won this week, congrats

MK and Z, thanks

DaBlade, I noticed that when I was placing the pic on my site, I was doing my rounds when my wife took the picture, hoped you would stop by

Leslie said...

Thanks Chuck! You aren't dense though, this time they didn't have the box up to show who won, or if they did, it wasn't up for long. That's ok, I am eagerly awaiting my mug :D

Anonymous said...

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