Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Is Really Behind The Obama Attacks On Rush Limbaugh?

Barack Obama, through his pit bull Rahm Emanuel, has started a little war on Rush Limbaugh. I guess part of the problem is that since he has decided not to fight the war on terror he has to do something to fill his time with.

I will not even bother with the fact that this little drama shows a complete and total lack of class on the part of the Obama administration. From the Chief of Staff attacking a radio personality, to his spokesman attacking a TV personality (Rick Santelli), to his Wednesday night toga parties in the White House (hat tip to Chattering Teeth), the administration has shown that there is a definite change in the White House atmosphere.

What is really behind this fight though? Part of it is a genuine disagreement and ideological differences. Part of it is the fact that Obama and his team have shown themselves to be thin skinned and unable to handle criticism. Finally, part of it is that Obama has shown himself to petty and small at times, attacking anyone he is in disagreement with.

I think it goes farther than that though. I think it is part fear and part design.

First the fear part. I think he knows that barring a decent turnaround in the economy, he is in quick danger of losing his base. He made a lot of promises coming in and it is starting to appear that they will go unfulfilled.

“Lobbyists will have no place in my administration”. That was gone in the first couple of days.

“Transparency” in government. He never even tried to do this.

“Change” in the people he will have in government and accountability. Unfortunately he has done this, just not for the better. Considering a fair percentage of the people he nominated were tax cheats, this did represent a change from the Bush administration. The fact that he chose to ignore this unlawfulness in his administration quickly took care of the accountability piece.

The incredible part is that he has only been in office for a month. Most Presidents wait months or even years to break their promises to us. If you say nothing else about Obama, he is ambitious and a quick starter.

Back to the fear. His politics are far left, he knows he will not hold on to the right forever. That is why his approach to bipartisanship (another campaign promise) has been, for wont of a better term, cynical at best. Also, Rush is a definite threat to him keeping conservatives on board.

His real risk is losing his base. This will not only diminish his political capital, an important commodity for a President, but could cost him his Democratic Congress in 2010. I realize the conventional wisdom is that this is the Dem’s time and the GOP is wandering in the wilderness. For any smug Democrats though, remember 2 years is an eternity in politics and fortunes change quickly. Especially when the economy is bad.

How does Rush help with this? He is a common enemy. He is someone that will distract the base and unite them to fight off the scourge, better known as Republicans. Obama’s hope is that Rush is the equivalent of a shiny object for his base, something to keep them busy while he destroys the country around them.

Now for the design part. It is not impossible that the Obama administration has not given up completely on the liberal dream of passing the “Fairness Doctrine”. What better way to facilitate this than to demonize right wing talk radio? Rush is the perfect person for this. The left hates him. If they can make the “Fairness Doctrine” about Rush, they may be able to keep people from realizing the truth. What the “Fairness Doctrine” really is about is limiting freedom of speech.

Or, maybe I’m reading too much into it and Obama and Emanuel are just assholes. What are your thoughts?


LomaAlta said...

Chuck, you are right on both counts: Your analyses are correct AND they are both assholes.

Two for two! Keep swinging.

shoprat said...

I'm with Lomaalta. Actually Rush speaks and the Donks need Depends. They are terrified of him and are disparately looking for a weakness. They know that he can derail their dreams and he needs to be silenced.

Always Right said...

I just saw one of your comments on another blog and I just wanted to come here to applaud you.
Thank you for NOT supporting Obama socialist agenda.
I personally see Obama's failure as a victory for the United States of America.

EatYourOkra said...

I am disgusted by Obama's cocky attitude. Even on Meet the Press on Sunday they talked about Obama's "Bring It On" attitude to those who opposed him. He and Emanuel are just a couple of thugs running things like a couple of school yard bullies.

Flavor Country said...

Reading all the comments and after reading this post, it's funny. About two years ago I would have read the same thing on a liberal blog. Everyone hates the other side because they are in power.

Obama is not in some war with Rush. They are keeping the GOP base right where they were before the election.....the minority. Rush is not popular outside of conservative White males.

Even with Bush's low approval numbers he is still more popular than Limbaugh is. If Limbaugh is the voice of the GOP then they have no chance in 2012. Every elected GOP official grovels at his feet like he is GOD which only makes them look even more foolish.

No matter how much you guys like Rush, outside the GOP base he is a entertainer, a joke, just like any liberal loud mouth also. The only difference is they are not leaders in the democratic circle Obama is. Obama and his team are smart to keep this going, all this does is alienate the GOP even more.

Call him a socialist, a communist, soft on terrorism etc..... the same thing the GOP did during the election, but if that's all you got is shots with no solutions..............you lose.

Honestly, the only threat I see is Mitt Romney. Also if you guys could bring me a real conservative and I mean real.....not someone who bows to the religious right, I would vote for him or her. I loved Reagan!

Take Care Chuck and gang!

Larry T. Durham said...

As Shop said above, libs are afraid of Rush. He articulates the philosophy of limited government with clarity...and humor. Meanwhile "progressives" are left to defend the tyranny of socialism. A tough sell. As Chuck points out, the party may be over for Mr. Teleprompter.

To the commenter above: you make an odd equivocation: Limbaugh and "liberal loud mouths". Nearly all the "liberal loud mouths" have failed miserably at combating Rush. 20+ million people a day tune in to Limbaugh. That's a lot of "white males". And your "you lose" comment seems to reveal an agenda - despite your "love" for Reagan. Maybe you should listen to Rush more and to those "liberal loud mouths" less. Being a "white male"is not a prerequisite.

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, thanks.

Shoprat, funny

Always, there is a little overplaying of this "failure" bit of Rush's. His explanation is dead on, if success for Obama is the socialization of America, then I too wish him failure.

Okra, I agree. I started to write this in the blog but I try to be civilized. I realize it doesn't appear that I am very successful at it, but I do.

Flavor, there was no hate here. The left called Bush retarded, a killer, etc. That was hatred. The asshole comment was a joke that I actually have some regret for including. I think he is on a personal level but I don't feel entirely comfortable addressing the President of the US this way, even as a joke.

As far as Rush, he is only the leader of the GOP in the minds of libs. I can say that he does not speak for me. I can actually think for myself. Granted there are some that feel differently and absorb everything he spills out. Such as they do with idiots like Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Rosie O'Donnell, Jeanine Garofolo, Al Franken, etc, etc. The only real difference between these people and Rush is that one is wildly successful and the others are varying degrees of failures. I sometimes wonder if this is the real issue, jealousy. I think the left hates Rush because he does have a huge audience and influence.

I do agree with you on the real conservative bit. We are looking.

Larry, great minds think alike.

Brooke said...

Definitely assholes, but I'll bet that Obama is setting the stage for blaming right-wing talk as inhibiting 'progress' and therefore instituting the Unfairness Doctrine.

DaBlade said...

Dang! Stop by Chuck's place too late and all the good stuff has already been said! As for the design, he is definitely cold and calculating. And you were right on as usual with the petty attacks against private citizens. He should concentrate on honing his communication skills with the likes of Putin, who recently treated Obama like his own personal Rhianna.

PUTIN: "*smack* no deal Barry *slap* you will junk your missile defense system anyway *crack!* and we will continue to help Ahkmadeendude build a nuke *thunk*"

oh, and thanks for the hat tip!

Chuck said...

Brooke, I hadn't thought about the fairness doctrine in connection with this until I was writting the post this am. I think there is a real possibility this may be true.

DaBlade, I'm a little confused about the conection between the missile shield and Iran anyways. Maybe I'm just not that smart.

No prob on the hat tip, the blog was great.

My Blog said...

Bravo, and let me come at what I think is your point from another angle
Republicans will need to get down to basic philosophy to draw as sharp a distinction as possible between themselves and Obama. Shaded policy distinctions will get lost, either in the personality cult and media distortions or simple ignorance. Keep it simple.

Obama’s presidency is already shaping up to be a disaster. He seems determined to spend us into bankruptcy while using this crisis to achieve state control over many areas of the economy. We know from history this is a prescription for misery. He will be instituting the largest tax increase in our history while we are still in recession. This will all have to be reversed some day in as painless a way as possible if we are ever going to return to the prosperity of the past 25 years.

It’s doubtful we have ever had in our history a president as profoundly ignorant of economics as Obama has shown himself to be (the market has lost nearly 30% of its value in the short time since his election, so the investor class already knows this). The only way he is taken seriously is the ennui from a poorly educated populace.

Mia Cronan said...

Can you hear me applauding from NE Ohio? Keep up the great work, Chuck.

mksviews said...

"I will not even bother with the fact that this little drama shows a complete and total lack of class on the part of the Obama administration."

Honestly though Chuck, the whole hussein administration has to go after Limbaugh, one fellow. If anyone drops out from hussein's side, it'll no longer be a fair fight.

"Part of it is the fact that Obama and his team have shown themselves to be thin skinned and unable to handle criticism."

You can say that about just about any leftist, it's because they're never big on facts and get very upset when their various pipe-dreams refuse to come true in reality. A bit like small children.

"Or, maybe I’m reading too much into it and Obama and Emanuel are just assholes."

No, no, you're not reading too much into it, and they are both just assholes, which applies to most leftist out there. I prefer to call them fascist bastards, but asshole will do just as well.

Chuck said...

My Blog, things have gotten a little more interesting in the last couple of days. zSome of the Dims in Congress are balking at parts of Obama's plan.

Mia, I actually can hear it, thanks

MK, they are working their way through the entire journalism profession. They're already on their 2nd CNBC reporter.

Black Gurl Answers said...

Wrong. You've assigned Rush too much credit. Entertainers pose no political threat whatsoever. Please visit asktheblackgurl.blogspot.com.