Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Country Goes Broke Tomorrow

The United States goes into debt tomorrow, the earliest debt day ever.

Refresh my memory, didn't Obama criticize Bush and the Republican Congress for their debt? Obama is making Bush look like a fiscal miser.


Greywolfe said...

See, here's the problem I have with everyone saying that we can wait two years for this guy's influence to be reduced by the midterm elections (always assuming that someone locks organizations like ACORN up in some abandoned building and collapses it, so as to protect the election process.)

I wonder how long it is going to take before the government admits to a force majeure. 2 years? maybe 3?

DaBlade said...

Ouch! Maybe we should hold a bake sale for Obama!

Always On Watch said...

Obama is making Bush look like a fiscal miser.Now, there is a scary statement. True, which makes all the scarier.

Bags said...

Obama is setting us up for the biggest tax hikes in history. Of course that will only accelerate the debt spiral he has put us in.

I don't know what's scarier, his lack of economic knowledge or his lack of foreign policy knowledge.

Either way, it's going to be a long 4 years.

cube said...

BO lies. The only promise he has kept is getting the dog for his kids.

Flavor Country said...

This would be like comparing who's was worse Mussolini or Hitler, you are screwed either way.

Papa Frank said...

Congratulations Chuck on the Lions getting the #1 quarterback AND the #1 TE in the draft. Hopefully they'll get some defense players for Gunther Cunningham to utilize in the rounds still to come.

KrisEveland said...

Whoa. How anybody can trust this guy is beyond me. Happy debt day tomorrow!

Chuck said...

Greywolfe, agreed. ACORN and the census will be an issue in coming elections

DaBlade, a car wash?

AOW, we thought Bush spent a lot...

Bags, the new talk is instituting PAYGO. I actually agree with this policy. Problem is, Dems are faced with the choice between cutting spending or raising taxes? Just saying.

Cube, there were even questions about the dog.

Flavor, it's sad when we look back at the days when we didn't go into debt until August as the good ole days.

BTW. I was in your fair city today. Went on a field trip with my daughter's class to the Chicago Institute of Art, great place. (museum and city)

Papa, was out of touch today (see above). I would like to get excited but I am a life-long Lions sufferer, oops, fan.

Kris, I think Congress is making it a national holiday this week.

shoprat said...

Things are only wrong when the GOP does it. Being a leftist means never being wrong.

mksviews said...

He promised hope, but it wasn't what you hoped for.

He promised change, you'll be lucky if you have some spare change left over.

Z said...

shoprat...or sorry, right?

As for Stafford...nobody deserves $78 million to throw a ball around. he does seem like a good, humble kid, though.

As for your post, Chuck? You ruined my day. I KNOW: DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER!! :0-)

Chuck said...

Shoprat, agreed

MK, you may be onto something. Maybe "change" was what we would have left

Z, there is no athlete worth this month. I love sports but these salaries are obscene. Colleges are pricing themselves out of the reach of their students and cutting programs yet coach salaries are soaring out of sight.