Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great Tribute To The Troops

I am off to work today and won't be around until later.

This is one of my favorite songs. If it doesn't touch you, you may not have a heart. The Statler Brothers wrote this song as a tribute to war veterans. What it wound up being was a tribute to the ultimate sacrifice by a mother, her child.

What I like about this is it was nice to finally see the fallen troops and veterans of the Vietnam War get their due.

I was young when we pulled out. From what I remember though, the troops were not treated well. It is easy to think that the anti-war movement and the leftist media treat the troops in Iraq poorly. As bad as it can be, it pales in comparison to how the men and women of the Vietnam War were treated. Called killers (by a future candidate for President of the US, no less), spit on when returning home, and generally treated as a national embarrassment, it was roughly a decade after we pulled out of Vietnam before they really started getting some true recognition.

So enjoy the song and the well put together slide show. Most importantly, let's not forget what these brave men and women gave of themselves. Finally, remember those who have yet to come home.


Z said...

KLEENEX, PLEASE! Fine, YOU go to work and leave US feeling SAD!
But, seriously..thanks for that beautiful song, it's SO touching...and so appropriate.
the words are amazing.

When you get back, I hope you come read Mr. Z's piece on the Europe visit by Obama.

I hope work was good today! And, again, thanks for the beautiful song.

EatYourOkra said...

Shame shame shame on Americans who treated our vets so badly. And just because one does not win the war does not mean that one is not fighting for what is right. Thank you to you and all our vets.

Larry T. Durham said...

God Bless those men and women. I'm working on a post for Midst the Hum that recalls a local boy who paid the ultimate price in Nam.

Great video.

Chuck said...

Z, it was great. Thanks for the well wishes for work. Unfortunately it was not good. I'm going to write about it.

Okra, it was a shame how they were treated.

Larry, I'll try to watch for your post

Mustang said...

Excellent, Chuck. Thank you for posting this.

DaBlade said...

Good stuff as always Chuck.

Chuck said...

Mustang and DaBlade, thanks