Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is This More Political Correctness Run Amok?

The latest silliness in political correctness is the Obama Chia pet. The creator of Chia pet created an Obama Chia pet

The drug store chain Walgreen dropped the product after about a week without explanation. The creator, Joseph Pedott, appears to have meant well by it.

"I'm sick about it," Pedott, 76, said, disputing any suggestion that Chia Obama's Chia hair was mocking the Afro hairstyle.

"Obama had an Afro -- does that make him racist?" Pedott said. "So how the hell do you get racist out of it? And number one, you can give him a haircut."

Pedott said he is a Republican, but he voted for Obama and was just trying to do right by the new president.

"It's Americana," Pedott said. "I thought I would take the good name of Chia and support the good things that he's trying to do. ... That was a labor of love."

Pedott said he was so confident the Chia Obama was not offensive he even asked the Rev. Jesse Jackson to screen it when he ran into him recently at a Chicago eatery.

"He said, quote, 'I think this is a find product,' end quote -- I have three witnesses," Pedott said.

I won't even get started on the whole notion of a "Republican" voting for Obama.

The point is, he really does not appear to have had any malicious intent here and even seems to be trying to honor the man. While I think the product is stupid, I don't think it is any more stupid than any of the other Chia pets. I certainly don't think it is racist.

So the question is, am I missing something here? Is this racist? Or is it what it appears to be, corporate suits who don't know the first thing about racism trying to decide what is and what isn't racism? What are your thoughts?

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Flavor Country said...

No Chuck it's not.

I am a minority and this is nothing. Neither was the chicken dinner thing that the Germans had or the Ice Cream that the Russians made about Obama.

This is what your ACLU lovi'n types like to bicker about so they can keep everyone divided so they won't become obsolete.

I don't even know of any in the Black community that found it offensive either.

Mustang said...

No, I do not see this as racist . . . but it is also not very inspiring, either. Everyone in business assumes a risk; in the case of his distributor, the merchandizing board thought about it and decided not to assume that risk. Honestly, who knows what the race-baiters could do with this? You really can’t blame Walgreens for attempting to avoid bad publicity and extortion from the Rainbow/Push coalition.

What should the inventor do? Go back to the drawing board; make one that looks like Hillary; change the vegetation to poison ivy and sell it as a lot of fun around Halloween. On the other hand, he could take less profit and sell it as a possible travel memento in Kenyan tourist traps.

mksviews said...

The professional parasites and whiners will always find something wrong about everything Chuck, it's always the case. It's what defines them.

That thing just stupid.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

The Libs weighing in on this keeps them from having to give opinions about what action the U.S. should take against the murderous Somali pirates.

The Chia is way more important.

Chuck said...

Flavor, thanks. I stand by my thought that the decision was made by people that don't know racism when they see it. I'm not even sure it was PC, I think it was ignorance.

Mustang, this is the problem. We obviously have racism in the US, by many people, young, old, black, white, whatever. The problem is that we also have people that squabble over irrelevant things. If we would confront true racism and leave the silly stuff like this alone, we would probably solve a lot of the problem.

MK, my first thought when I saw this on CNN was how incredibly stupid

PCC, quite frankly I blame the media more for this than anyone. It's somehow newsworthy for them.

Mr. Norman Whiskers said...

What's up Chuck,
I do think it is disrespectful and a bad idea. I'm a Republican Conservative Cat, but even I think we should leave President Obama's fashion choices out of this debate. (He always look pretty dashing.) I'd much rather have an 1980's Al Sharpton Cat Nip head to swat at.