Saturday, April 18, 2009

Isn't This Special

Full disclosure up front, I am a huge fan of the University of Michigan. As a general rule if your a fan of Michigan or Michigan State, it is a physiological impossibility to be a fan of the other.

With that said, I find this article distressing for all college football fans.

Soon-to-Be-Jailed Michigan State Running Back Will Remain on Football Scholarship

Many athletes receive scholarships while they sit the bench. Now it looks like a college football player will get one while he sits behind bars.

Glenn Winston, 19, has been "suspended indefinitely" from the Michigan State football team following two misdemeanor assault convictions, but coach Mark Dantonio said the running back will remain on athletic scholarship while he serves a six-month jail sentence in the case, according to the Detroit News.

"By NCAA rules he's on scholarship," Dantonio was quoted as saying.

Winston was due at the Ingham County Jail Friday to start serving his time after pleading guilty last month to assaulting MSU hockey player A.J. Sturges in the fall, the paper reported.

Winston is expected to receive tutoring while in jail, according to the News.

With approval from his coach he could have his suspension lifted and be redshirted for his sophomore season upon completion of his sentence.

Where to start?

This man beat up a fellow athlete and the athletic department is shielding him.

My suspicion, without knowing the NCAA rules, is that the coach is being a little misleading about the scholarship rules. I believe that if he were kicked off the team, they would not have to honor the scholarship.

He is staying on scholarship and he is receiving tutoring. This all adds up to them letting him play once he gets out of jail.

Finally, my real issue is the notion that NCAA rules allow red-shirting in these circumstances.

For non-football fans, I've heard there is such a thing (weird), red-shirting is a practice in which a player sits out a year and gets the year of eligibility back. They only get 4 years of eligibility.

So the NCAA will let a player go to jail and then get that year of playing back?

Anyone still wonder where the NFL players that abuse and rape women, abuse drugs, and have a general "the rules don't apply to me" attitude come from?



Z said...

the message this sends to young people is hideous, too.
Jail's just a 'time out' for someone who'd beat someone up? Just an inconvenience?
And, of course, it's because this guy must play SO WELL that M State can't imagine losing A WINNER FOR THEIR TEAM$$$$ typical of the American character sad.
WHEN did we forget evil's WRONG and shouldn't be rewarded?

Bags said...

Chuck, I am a Notre Dame fan. I respect the Michigan program but not Michigan State's. This is just another one of the many reasons why. I knew John L Smith had no class but I thought Dantonio did.

Guess not.

Chuck said...

Z, I agree. Between athletes, entertainers, and some popular music our kids are given wonderful role models.

Bags, Notre Dame? Ouch, just like that DaBlade guy. I am clearly biased and all colleges have had issues with athletes, U of M and Notre Dame included, MSU has quite a history of problems.

Larry T. Durham said...

Clemson fan here: The CU program played fast and loose with the rules back in the 1980's. The end result - probation for 3 years and a bad reputation. Since that time, the program's graduation rate (usually in the top twenty) and reputation as a clean program have increased. Rich Rodriquez and Tommy Bowden were instrumental in reclaiming respectability for Clemson.

Michigan State should be hounded by the NCAA for this, not rewarded. I'm sure Rich Rod would have kicked this dude off the team.

Maybe the Tigers will see either UM or ND in the BCS...never hurts to dream ; )

Flavor Country said...

Hey it's looks like they found their next O.J. Simpson at Michigan State.

Papa Frank said...

What do you expect from a &*%$# Spartan!!! ;0)


shoprat said...

Athletes, entertainers and liberal pols can get away with any thing.

mksviews said...

"By NCAA rules he's on scholarship," Dantonio was quoted as saying."

Then change the bloody rules dumbass, instead of hiding behind them.

We have a similar problem in Australia Chuck, major league players seem to have a bad problem with drugs, booze and staying within the law. And we also have a rather piss-weak national authority that prefers to find excuses to keep them playing and let them get away with anything rather than take action against them.

noteasytobeme said...

Well Chuck you and your readers seem to be the only ones in Michigan that get it. What happened is a disgrace. The hockey player suffered a skull fracture and severe brain trauma and is still recovering. Dantonio is covering for Winston bigtime and refuses to keep his word, ie liars wont play for him. (all in the police report) MSU athletics in general are all tainted by the tail wagging the dog. The NCAA has no rules for athletes who commit crimes unless it is a felony. Seems you have to rape or murder to get noticed by them, but you eat dinner with the wrong person or get a direct call from a coach and they are all over your butt. Many schools have rules about these situations because the continue to come up and they are embarassed. Seems MSU has no such scruples and Dantonios ego rules there. MSU needs to establish a guidebook and get respectable, if that is possible now. Athletes going in should know the drill, they make them meet an academic bar, why not for criminal activity? It is just wrong what happened there. The sentence was deserved, and now Dantonio is trying to make it seem like it is no big deal. Innocent people were hurt. MSU needs to figure it out.

Chuck said...

Larry, I think Rodriguez will be ok in Michigan, see you in the BCS

Flavor, they have a long line of them

Papa, I was trying to be diplomatic and not let my maize and blue blood show

Shoprat, just about

MK, we are at the point in this country that when an athlete gets in trouble, you just assume they will not be punished. At least not as severely as "normal" people.

Not easy, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I have always suspected that there may be friendly courts in East Lansing. There has been cases where players have had their sentence defferred until the off season. This case appeared to be a felony to me, lucky break I guess.

noteasytobeme said...

Chuck, Absolutely should of been a felony. In Mi however felony assault requires intent to injure which mean a beating or a second hit. Winston only hit the kids he severely injured once each.Broke a jaw and skull with one punch, not easy to do. In most states the charge is determined by the severity of the injury ie skull fracture and brain trauma would mean felony assault. Jails are full in Mi, legislators wont vote for a change because it would put more "one" hitters in jail.One hit in Mi means aggravated assault, Winstons charge. The hockey player's injuries were severe, high end of the lesser charge, thus the harsh sentence, Judge went hard, and as you said hopefully sent a message that Athletic status doesnt mean you will get off easy. God knows they need it. Most of Dantonios first recruiting class were there. All but two got off. Dantonio made it football vs hockey, kids hurt were collateral damage to an earlier fight between Mitchell White,FB and Andrew Conboy,Hockey. No one else was involved. White got the worst of that one on one and left and came back with the posse who attacked innocent people,Conboy was gone. Bad deal. Those are the facts. All public record now but no media people have done much about calling MSU out.

Chuck said...

Not Easy, thanks for the info. My source is the GR Press, better known as the MSU News.