Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It Appears Obama Impressed The Pirates

Barack Obama has been anointed the new John Wayne after he bested four teenage pirates armed with small arms.

One can feel the undercurrent of fear rippling across the globe at this brazen display of machismo accompanied by his stern warning that they better stop it.

The pirates were so terrified it took them 3 days before they had captured their 4th ship since his smack down on Sunday. They were so concerned after his remarks on Monday that they have only taken 2 since then.

Now, before anyone gets offended, this is in no way an attack on the Navy. They did one Hell of a job rescuing Captain Phillips.

What is really needed here is letting the Navy do it's job and not micromanage it. This is not an international terrorists organization we are dealing with. It's a loosely related group of savages with rifles. We need to give the Navy the green light to clean them out and then Obama can concentrate on something important like house breaking his new dog.

Giving the pirates this much media attention and making Obama's victory over them so huge gives them far more credibility than they deserve.

To put it another way, this is the equivalent of terrorists taking a hostage in Baghdad and Obama overseeing an operation to free the hostage. Freeing the hostage would be a wonderful thing and Obama would deserve credit for a successful operation as he does with freeing Captain Phillips. It would not, however, be tantamount to single handedly defeating al-Qaeda.

My point is, let's see Obama actually accomplish something before we get too excited.


Tina Hemond said...

Chuck, thank you for the great post and laugh - (honestly, you are too funny!) Agreed, although, some surprise must be in play with the treatment of Obama vis a vis use of force - at all - given...it's not him m.o. - at least his campaign rhetoric - or latest euro journey would suggest a more...pacifist approach - we shall see what his approach may be sooner than later given the absolute certainty that, with our defenses down, someone will wish to make a statement (Pakistan, Afganistan, Venesuela.....)

James Wolfer said...

I agree with you here. Both sides need to step back a bit. People saying that Obama defeated the pirates are wrong, as are the ones saying that he failed in rescuing the captain. He gave the order.

Everyone, step back! No Americans died in this! Unlike the french, whose military rushed in and a hostage died.

Ours didn't.

Mustang said...

I can see the pirates were so impressed with the indecision that they have seized three additional ships only today. Yep, they're all walking around, muttering, "Shiver me timbers."

What needed to happen was a massive air strike of every pirate held port, harbor, or marina timed to occur within a single hour of Captain Phillips release. I know ... not likely.

Why, I even heard an normally intelligent talking head say yesterday, "Don't we have to be careful about harming civilians?"

WHAT? Pirates are civilians, you idiots. And so are terrorists. Yeah ... harm them. Maybe sooner rather than later the lightbulb will come on and they'll decide that stacking sand in the Sahel is a safer line of work.

KrisEveland said...

Blast the home bases away, then I'll give the C.I.C. some credit.

Flavor Country said...

It's a new story we a happy ending Chuck. It's not even two days old.

If it was Bush, this post would not exist. You don't see him boasting about anything. He is giving the credit to the Navy.

It's more a story because he is a liberal who many would have expected to maybe send the pirates flowers and ask nicely for the captain to be let go.

He is a new president and this is the first of many tests he will face, give the guy a break.

I just posted on a story on how Hannity made himself look like an idiot for trying to make sure Obama did not get credit for anything.

Let's criticize the guy where criticism is due.

Brooke said...

Although he was two days late, I'm glad that Obama actually DID something.

You are right, however, that the MSM is making more of it than deserved.

The very fact that even more pirate attacks followed the rescue is a push by Muslims that is not getting enough response.

Chuck said...

Tina, thanks. It really is all about what happens from here.

James, agreed. It really was blown out of proportion. I felt for the family but beyond that it was nothing more than what it was

Mustang, Shiver me timbers. lol

Kris, agreed

Flavor, relax. I was not criticizing Obama, I thought he did fairly well. This was about the media and the leftist bloggers anointing him the next John Wayne. To his credit, he is giving the Navy the kudos they deserve. Bottom line is he is going to have to do more than beat up on a few teenagers to impress me.

Brooke, if Obama wants to send a message, he needs to escalate

Flavor Country said...

My bad Chuck I might have been in Liberal mode.

You can ask that captain those teens are capable of taking lives just a much as the other cowards that call themselves men.

mksviews said...

From what i've read, hussein was dithering and the commander on the scene took action before they killed the captain. And the MSM dutifully spun it like hussein pulled the trigger, they have to, the sniveling sycophants need him to be a man, not the metrosexual tosser he really is.

"You can ask that captain those teens are capable of taking lives just a much as the other cowards that call themselves men."

So you wouldn't mind if the captured one is shot and thrown into the sea, or tried as an adult then?

Randy said...

Chuck, I think you've got about the right attitude here. I think President Obama gets credit for the action and the results speak for themselves. Should it have been done quicker? I don't think those of this on this side of the world can judge since we didn't see what happened.

The real question is what happens now. What (if any) action should take place and will the president take it?

The Wordsmith said...

I'm glad that he did keep quite so ling, the Nave did a better job without his advice