Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The MSM Finally Is Covering The Tea Parties

I complained last night that the far left news sites of CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN are ignoring the Tea Parties being organized across the country. I stand corrected.

Anti-Spending 'Tea Parties' Mark Tax Day

ABC finally covered the events. No bias there.

Anybody else imagining that these people out protesting are working to take food out of the mouths of children and pregnant women?



stormin said...

in light of the new DHS report stating that those of us on the right are just a bunch of right-wing extremeists, there probably out there covering this as more of a service to Obama in order to get video evidence of who the FBI and local law enforcement needs to spy on.

Flavor Country said...

WOW Stormin......can we say paranoid? I promise they won't come for you :)

Chuck they are now covering it because it is happening today, just like any other protest.

You report on it the day of, you don't promote it before had like FOX had been doing.

Randy said...

I went to one at lunch time today and the local NBC affiliate was there. The interviews they did for the noon show were pretty good, but then I couldn't tell you what they said back in the studio.

Chuck said...

Stormin, Obama's just taking a page out of Clinton's playbook. Let's all remember he had the FBI compile files on over a 1000 GOP politicians.

Flavor, you mean like the million man march? No reporting on that one until the day of, right? Or planned anti-war protests? As far as paranoia, this DHS report was scary. No matter who you are.

Randy, as a general rule it's not the local newscasts. Quite frankly they often reflect the local mood. They also are more accuntable. The national far left media however has a political agenda that they are pushing.

M.A. said...

There was an AP story on Yahoo about the Tea Parties. They made sure to include information about counter-protests, and included a quote from the sign of a counter-protester. There were "a dozen" people at this counter-protest, compared to how many at the Tea Party in Cincinnati? Yet they made sure to include the counter-protesters sign quote in the story.

Does anyone remember seeing ANYTHING written about the counter-protesters who were out there in support of President Bush? Yes, they were there...but they didn't get a voice like these 12 people did in Cincinnati.

mksviews said...

You can always trust the liberal scum to smear these good folks.