Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quote Of The Week - Part II

"I think any time that you have severe economic conditions, there is always an element of disaffection that can mutate into something that's unhealthy."

Obama Senior Adviser David Axelrod in response to this question:

Axelrod was asked on CBS' "Face the Nation" for his opinion on what the show's host described as "this spreading and very public disaffection with not only the government, but especially the Obama administration."

Now protesting the President's policies are unhealthy.



Larry T. Durham said...

If protesting Barry is unhealthy, then I'll be on life support pretty soon. Dayum.

Chuck said...

Larry, nice one

Average American said...

I'll tell you what's unhealthy, and that's that bucking ofama and all the other leftards currently running this country. Also----what Larry said!

mksviews said...

They said anything, smeared anyone and ran roughshod over anyone to win control. They're just doing what comes best to now keep control.

Sue said...

amazing mks, we can say the same thing about repubs! Amazing isn't it what a party will say and do when they lose! :-)

Chuck said...

AA, we'll wind up with a very unhealthy country before it's over

MK, welcome to the US. Only libs get free speech

Sue, give me one example of the GOP trying to stifle free speech under Bush, he supported all of the people protesting in front of his ranch. He didn't agree but he always said he agreed with their right to say it. You are welcome here and I hope you keep coming back if anything for comic relief but quite frankly you are completely full of shit. It's all attack and name calling with no rational argument what so ever. In other words, the prototypical leftist rebuttal.

As far as this "when they lose" argument, can I assume you were saying the same thing when the GOP controlled Congress and the WH? Will you be saying the same thing if the GOP retakes Congress in 2010? That argument is way past played out.

Bags said...

Harry Smith is a putz.

Z said...

Chuck, THAT is the're RIGHT, as usual!
Every party whines when the other's in power; in every country, etc. That's AMERICA!
It's the amazing, disgusting criticism coming from the obama people that's getting conservatives' eyes open. THAT is NOT AMERICA.
You add the new "civilian corps", and you start to wonder what the heck's going on.
It's not UNHEALTHY to protest.
And, by the way, check out my place in a few hours; regarding protests. The Left v the Right...see the picture at the bottom of the piece. ya...
Larry, GREAT comment. We all feel that way.

Chuck said...

Bags, thanks

Z, opposition is healthy. The problem is that the Obama administration is working towards stifling dissent.

Haven't gotten an answer from Sue yet on Bush trying to do the same on as large of a scale as Obama. No doubt there was a time when some protesters were moved or something but he stood by their right to protest, let's see Obama do that and mean it.

Always On Watch said...

The most vocal protesting of BHO's policies is going on here in the blogosphere.

I can't imagine that this administration will continue to allow the Internet to be a forum for free speech criticizing "The One." We'll be deemed security threats.

Our Founders and Thomas Paine are dismayed beyond words.

cube said...

I'm beginning to think that the liberals really do think that speech is only free when it comes from the left.

Sue said...

Chuck I will eat crow if the GOP gains control in 2010, LOL!! Nobody is stifling free speech, you can see that in these blogs for sure. I didn't have a computer during the Bush reign so I don't know what was said here. Maybe Bush and Cheney will get their due and end up behind bars, or better yet wouldn't it be fun to see them waterboarded about 200 times! LOL :-))). And yes you are right, both parties are full of shit when they lose, but this just happens to be my winning election and I'm lovin it.

Chuck said...

AOW, we'll have to go underground. Cool

Cube, there is no doubt about that

Sue, so you think the President and VP should be waterboarded. Can I assume you do not support this for terrorists? As I have said before, you do the left proud.