Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quote Of The Week

My quote of the week this week is about last week's asshole of the week.

As most people know Miss California Carrie Prejean was denied the Miss America crown because openly gay blogger Perez Hilton, in yet another stunning display of liberal tolerance, voted against her because she said she thought marriage should be between a man and a woman.

After voting against her he then proceeded to forever cement the gay stereotype by posting a hissy fit on his blog.

Turns out that Miss Prejean's grandmother Jeanette Coppola was not amused by Mr. Hilton's little sissy attack and released her own statement.

"I don't know why that gay guy Perez was even judging a contest with a bunch of girls. That doesn't make any sense. He should be judging a Chippendale's contest,"

No comment yet from Mr. Hilton on what it feels like to be smacked down by a little old lady.

I salute Ms. Coppola for showing she is tougher than most men on the left.



cube said...

Grandma Coppola makes a good point. What are his qualifications for judging the contest. The guy runs a gossip blog.

Listen To John said...

" My quote of the week this week is about last week's asshole of the week."

That was a great opining line..

Loren Christie said...

Finally, here's a Miss America brave enough to put her convictions ahead of her own personal goals. This beauty has brains. I think that denying her the crown because of her opinion on the legality of gay marriage is an act of intolerance by the judges.

Flavor Country said...

While I stand on the side of Miss California on this issue in her beliefs and her right to say what she believes, why do we have to throw politics with the use of the word "liberal" into it?

This has nothing to do with being a liberal vs. being an asshole. The same as those who did not vote for Obama because they believed he was Muslim.

A jackass idiot comes in all sizes, shapes colors and political spectrums.

Left Coast Rebel said...

great post here, flavor country - we throw words like 'liberal' at issues like this because they apply. We are in a culture war in this country and the Hiltons of the world think that they can win by using fascist tactics to shut us up. This IS liberalism/statism/progressivism/socialism!

Chuck said...

Cube, truth is: Are there qualifications to judge the Miss USA?

Listen, thanks and thanks for stopping by

Loren, agreed.

Flavor, liberal is the right word because, as Left Coast points out, it is a leftist viewpoint he is trying to impose. I would not have been correct to say Democrat although this is likely how he votes. You know I do not think every liberal agrees with him. I in fact find it likely that many disagree and some may actually be embarassed to think he does represent the values of the Deocratic party.

This is comparable to calling David Duke a conservative. It would be true though he is an embarrassment for conservatives and does not speak for us. Calling him a Republican would be more sketchy because he does not speak for the GOP.

Left Coast, thanks and welcome. I agree as I said above.

KrisEveland said...

Hehe, go Grandma!

Perez is a moron and he proved it to the world. Hollywood may love him, but the rest of us know what kind of a loser he is.

shoprat said...

The left is far more intolerant than the worst of the right.

mksviews said...

"I salute Ms. Coppola for showing she is tougher than most men on the left."

Well said, i also have a few words for the @##% fairy but i won't say them here. Good on grandma and get stuffed to the fairy.

"A jackass idiot comes in all sizes, shapes colors and political spectrums."

Yeah, but there are a lot of intolerant assholes on the left, if you just look for them, it's not that hard to hear of or find them yourself.

DaBlade said...

Perez Hilton is not fit to twirl Prejean's baton.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Stupid statements are almost always made my stupid people.

Chuck said...

Kris, to be honest I didn't know who he was

Shoprat, at times

MK, "get stuffed to the fairy". Let's not go there, eww, lol

DaBlade and DD, agreed

Always On Watch said...

Miss CA was asked a values question and answered it cogently.

I thought the liberals used to say something like, "Make a cogent argument, and even if I disagree with your viewpoint, an organized argument will be accepted."

Or perhaps I imagined that liberal tolerance.

I did have one and only one liberal college prof who accepted cogent arguments in opposition to her position without lowering a student's grade. I got an "A" in her course! Yet, Dr. P. knew my position was opposite hers.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


Dr. P sounds like what a classical liberal is supposed to be- open-minded.

I think Grandma Coppola could take Perez Hilton on in the squared circle, too.