Thursday, April 23, 2009


Democrats Under Ethics Cloud Benefit From Distracted Public

Allegations of ethics violations by a handful of Democrats in recent months reached something of a crescendo this week as two prominent members of Congress were accused of corruption.

California Rep. Jane Harman denied allegations that she offered to help seek reduced charges for two pro-Israel lobbyists suspected of espionage in exchange for help from a pro-Israel donor, also suspected Israeli agent, in lobbying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to give Harman a key chairmanship.

And California Sen. Dianne Feinstein denied that she devised legislation that helped her husband get a federal contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms.

But the latest cases, which involve Democrats, did not make the same splash that corruption allegations did a few years ago, when Republicans were on the receiving end of the finger-pointing.

Some Republican analysts attribute the difference to timing.

(for the record, the "GOP analysts" are a couple of former congressional aides)

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So the reason the media is not reporting on the Democratic scandals is not because of a bias but because they are too busy?



Greywolfe said...

This is a no brainer. The reason they aren't commenting on it is because they finally have the trifecta of political power: House, Senate, and the Whitehouse. It isn't in their best interests to start pointing out the Dems crooked acts as that will become fodder for he upcomming election cycle.

Last thing the Liberal press wants is for the chance of Conservatives getting elected and ruining either the Senate majority or Lessening the House's.

Not to mention that all this could give a black eye (no pun intended) to our unpresidential President.

The Red Head said...

Yes, I have some Thoughts.
See my blog of this morning to prove YOUR point.

EatYourOkra said...

Too busy. What a convenient excuse. Convenient but lacking any substance and easy to see through. But the media can get away with it. They answer to themselves and their own political agendas. Opinions are replacing facts more and more with the media.

LomaAlta said...

Chuck, I agree with the other comments, thanks for a nice post.

We must fully and completely accept that the MSM is an appendage of the Democrat Party and will not ever be unbiased or fair. They will always seek to hurt conservatives and support radical left wingers and socialists, in short DEMs.

Flavor Country said...

I could care less if it's democrat of republican crooks throw'em out of office, but in watching Fox News, I am not even seeing a lot of coverage on it either.

The thing might be, these are mostly allegations, if you go overboard without any proof, it will make you look foolish and irresponsible as a reporter and news organization. Even though that has not stopped them before.

Believe me they will have their day.

HoosierArmyMom said...

They are too busy trying to prosecute innocent patriots who kept us safe after 9/11, obeying orders that were legal at that time. The Bush Administration witch hunt is on, so nothing else matters!

And the Media is busy painting grassroots conservatives exercising their 1st Amendment rights and returning veterans of the "War on Man Caused Disasters", to be "Right Wing Extremists" and potential domestic terrorists.

Chuck said...

Thanks all. I think the most relevant passage was from the CREW member in saying that it would be a death by a thousand cuts. I've been thinking this for awhile in that a lot of scandals are starting to pile up for them.

mksviews said...

Off course they're too busy Chuck, polishing hussein's ass takes time, it's a labour of love for lefties you know.