Thursday, April 9, 2009

Will Be Interesting To See How This Goes

Family Sues San Francisco Saying Sanctuary Law to Blame for Murder of Father, Two Sons

The family of a father and two sons allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant last year reportedly is suing the city of San Francisco, claiming its "sanctuary city" policy contributed to their deaths.

Anthony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, were returning from a picnic when they were gunned down on June 16, allegedly by Salvadoran national Edwin Ramos, 22.

The case prompted public outcry after it emerged that Ramos was convicted of two gang-related felonies when he was 17, but local officials did not contact federal agencies to determine his immigration status.

The Bologna family filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that the city's sanctuary policy shielding illegal immigrants from questions about their citizenship status — even those charged with a crime — was to blame, KCBS San Francisco reported.

"The city adopted and enforced a policy that was actually inconsistent with and prohibited by federal law," Bologna family attorney Michael Kelly was quoted as saying.

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This is a lawsuit that could have significant implications. These sanctuary cities have been openly ignoring federal laws and providing a safe haven for criminals. If this lawsuit is successful, it may have a big effect on this is practice.

What are everybodies thoughts on the chances of this lawsuit being heard and successful?


Always On Watch said...

I hope that the Bologna Family win this suit. I would be a good precedent.

In my view, sanctuary cities SHOULD be held accountable. Having been injured in a car accident with an immigrant -- I think that he was an illegal, but the local government won't provide such info -- I know for a fact that the police in a sanctuary area will not help a citizen such as me, even though I was permanently injured in the accident. The immigrant who ran the stop sign and plowed into me has no assets, so my possibility of a decent financial settlement are very limited. The possibility wouldn't be so limited were I able to hold my local government accountable for allowing such an immigrant to be here in the first place -- and driving a taxi, to boot.

Mustang said...

If ever there was a legitimate complaint, this is it. Under common law, government cannot be sued without its permission, so this particular lawsuit will have to go through several hoops before it ever gets to a judgment. I would be interested to know whether the lawsuit was filed in state court, or federal court. If the plaintiff filed in state court and wins, Arnold will likely hand her an IOU for any awarded damages.

If the case is heard in an honest court, one free from politics, then I think the lawsuit can succeed. Remember, though . . . we are discussing San Francisco, not known as a paragon of integrity or justice. Political corruption does plague our courts; one only needs to note the recent trial of former Sen. Ted Stevens as a case in point.

Greywolfe said...

Like mustang said, Cali is known for it's dubious court rulings. I mean come on, the home of the 9th Circus court of appeals.

I pray the family is successful. frankly I am not sure why Federal Marshalls haven't rounded up the mayors and city leaders of every sanctuary city and charged them with violation of federal law.

shoprat said...

Now that's what a lawsuit is supposed to be about . . . genuine grievances. San Francisco needs to be sued into oblivion if they don't get their head back where it belongs.

Bags said...

I hate law suits. I've had the "pleasure" of sitting on two juries. What an incredible waste of time.

That being said I hope and pray that this goes to court. Sanctuary cities are a joke and dangerous to this country and its legal citizens.

Go get 'em!!

M.A. said...

The problem is that this is in San Francisco. My guess is that the court will either not accept the case or handle it in a way that severely punishes the Bolognas for 1) suing San Francisco and 2) daring to question sanctuary policies.

I'm not a fan of lawsuits, but I hope this lawsuit gains serious publicity (since the media refuses to cover stories that show the negative effects of illegal immigration) and I hope the family wins BIG.

Chuck said...

I agree the, I'm not a fan of lawsuits but I'm also not a fan of breaking the law either. My hopes are that:

a) The lawsuit will stop this practice

b) Highlight the idiocy of this practice. MA is right, the meida has buried this issue. We have city governments openly breaking the law and it's not news.

Leslie said...

First: sorrow goes out to the family.

Second: while it would be great to have publicity brought to this topic and the family get a fair day in court...I'm afraid it won't happen. (And I'm usually such a optimistic person...)

California is corrupt, their courts are more so. And with the current attitude and bending over backwards to "help" and "support" and "empathize" with illegals, I'm afraid the whole issue will be swept under the great amnesty rug.

What a shame too. Criminals are given more rights, freedoms, and opportunity to 'succeed' in America than honest American citizens are. But what happens when one day, the crimes happen to those in office...or their families? Will the law be respected in those cases?

LASunsett said...

I am with you Chuck. However, do not forget this is in San Francisco, which falls under the 9th Circus of Appeals. Need I say say anymore?

Chuck said...

Nice thing about the 9th circuit is that it gets most of the time. Most of any other in the country by a long shot.

evilmomlady2003 said...

While it is a tragedy that somebody had to lose a member of their family to a scumbag like that, it's about freaking time that these "sanctuary cities" were held accountable.

Papa Frank said...

How about a change of venue to Montana? In Californiastine I fear that the chance of this being successful is very small. It would indeed be a great precedent to have on the books though.

Chuck said...

Evil Mom, agreed

Papa, it will be interesting to see how things go

mksviews said...

I'll pray this case is successful and the bastards running the joint have to pay through their asses.

Yes, i realize it won't be them paying, but at least the voters might wake up to the stench when the city is broke.

It's long, long overdue for those making callous, birdbrain decisions are in some way held to account for the price that others have to pay.

Chuck said...

MK, that is the irony of "suing" the government, it's our money. Truth is I hope they get a chunk, I'll pay my part for their loss. My real hope though, and I suspect theirs also, is that the practice will be stopped.

LASunsett said...


The 9th gets overturned right now because the SCOTUS still has some constructionists on it. Just wait until Obama gets a chance to stack the court.

Chuck said...

Agreed LA