Monday, May 18, 2009

Are Biden's Comments Really That Funny?

There's been a lot of snickering over VP Joe Biden's missteps. I posted on his outing of the VP "undisclosed location" yesterday and yucked it up.

Since then though I have been thinking about it. At what point does his constant Bidenisms stop being funny?

If the VP's secure bunker is where he said it was, and it must be noted that the administration has done nothing so far to dispel the notion, is it really that funny?

This bunker is not for Joe Biden, it is there for every VP that follows him. At least it was until he disclosed it's location. If one were to take a more sobering look at the incident, it approaches the level of treasonous. Once the laughing at his idiocy is over, we are left with the unavoidable realization that he has given away a National Security secret.

As usual, there is a lack of coverage by the far left media. A quick scan of the sites for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS show no mention of this what so ever.

There is no outrage from Congress. We have a Congress seated right now that up until January had not met an issue not worth holding a hearing on. Do you think they will investigate this breach of National Security?

There is no acknowledgement or expression of remorse from the White House. They are all over releasing details on any perceived misdeed by the Bush administration but now all of a sudden they have nothing to say?

Obviously none of the above, from the lack of response by the media, Congress, or White House surprises me, it was expected.

Further, no excuse that there has not been enough time for a response. If this had been Dick Chaney the Dems in Congress and the media would have been on it within the first 24 hours.

The problem with this lack of response, and therefore lack of consequences for Biden, is that he is free to continue carrying on business as usual.

I am starting to find his business as usual to be less and less funny every day.


shoprat said...

He's always been an idiot and most idiots bring laughter of derision.

Flavor Country said...

This information has never been labeled as classified by the Secret Service or any other agency.

It has not been a secret from anyone since 2002. Everyone knows that the president has a room similar for him and staff also in the White House.

If a naval officer has knowledge enough to give Biden a tour, it's obviously not classified.

Th only thing that made this secret was Dick Cheney being a paranoid dweeb. Just like him blocking images of his house from googlemaps.

Yes Biden is an idiot, but this time he did not divulge any state secrets. Especially one every government in the world did not already know.

LauraB said...

Joe Biden is a disgusting disgrace, like his boss.

LomaAlta said...

Chuck, granted Biden is an idiot and dishonest.

But there is a broader problem. The radical left extremists he represents are of 3 minds about terrorists: 1) Bush reacted after 9/11 and thus fighting terrorists is not popular with the DEMs, 2) They are ambivalent toward the terrorists since they generally support any anti-Americanism, and 3) They feel that appeasment will work and the terrorists can be bribed and convinced to give up violence, especially if we outlaw terrorists acts.

The Lunatic Are In Charge Of The Insane Asylum said...

Yes indeed, The Lunatic Are In Charge Of The Insane Asylum

Chuck said...

Shoprat, thanks

Flavor, it's not likely that many people did not know that there was a bunker somewhere. I'm not certain though that everyone knew the address though. I'm not sure how Chaney was over-reacting? We were attacked and 3,000 people lost their lives. As far as the Goolge maps, I agreed with this. I think a good chunk of Waashington along with other high value targets such as the Sears tower should be blacked out.

Neither of your links confirm the loation, Biden did this. They were merely speculation.

Laura, thanks for stopping by. He was put on to balance the ticket. Obama is fairly smart, maybe they wanted someone dumb?

LomaAlta, there is one flaw in your logic. We no longer have terrorist attacks, they are now Man Made Disasters. Once Obama leaves office he can now say we have had no terrorist attacks. The man is always thinking.

Lunatic, thanks for stopping by. Your name says it all.

Leslie said...

We can only hope that the current administration realizes what they have on their hands in their VP and keep most everything else away from his knowledge. This is really ridiculous. Everyone should be totally "over" covering up for this man.

Larry Durham said...

At first I'm thinking, hey, no big deal. If Biden just gave away his own hiding place and, God forbid, terrorist are able to find it and kill him, then it's no big deal. It's not like they're wasting George Washington or somebody. But then I remembered that if Biden gets whacked, there's a good chance that Barry got it too and that would make San Fran Nan the POTUS. Let's get Joe a new Panic Room stat!

Z said...

Chuck, I can barely watch FOX anymore, especially's all just a big JOKE to them as they do stories that are SO serious, like this one you rightly say is anything BUT funny, just for the laughs and ad revenues.
He has one segment called LIB ER ALS..supposed to be REAL funny, but they're showing awful stuff we should be OUTRAGED about, like Robt Gibbs and some of what he says....during his talks they stop and print some ridiculous "what he's really saying" type of thing and that's FUNNY?
The man's dangerous, people are doing terrible things, Biden's disclosing REALLY important information and WE'RE LAUGHING?

I'm so glad you posted this; I've been thinking the very same thing. When does it END? I'm scared to ask HOW it ends!

mksviews said...

You're right Chuck, the double-standard stinks, if only the media would just do their jobs fairly. But even that much is too much to ask of the bastards.

Another way to look at it is that, if Biden were on the McCain ticket, they'd have buried him long, long ago, but because he's a leftist moron, he gets free pass after free pass.

Always On Watch said...

At what point does his constant Bidenisms stop being funny?Well, his last gaffe about the bunker should be the final straw. After all, Biden as VP has access to a lot of top secret information.

Seriously and without animosity, I would remind all that Biden has had some brain issues in the past. Perhaps he has neurological issues which preclude his being VP.

Brooke said...

It isn't funny at all. It's an outrage and appalling.

Chuck said...

Leslie, they don't seem to think he's a problem

Larry, if it keeps Nan from being POTUS he can stay at my house.

Z, I agree. I'm tiring of Fox too. They are effectively joining the other networks and becoming a tabloid network. It seems like more and more of their website is being dedicated to slideshows of women.

MK, isn't it stunning that these people called Palin stupid?

AOW, I know your serious about the medical issues and this was brought up.

Chuck said...

Brooke, it stopped being funny long ago

cube said...

I'm not laughing at this latest gaffe. This man is an idiot who should not be entrusted with the car keys much less top secret info.

I say make him pay to build a new secret location and not tell him where it is located.

Anonymous said...

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