Friday, May 1, 2009

Arlen Specter May Wind up Hurting Dems on SCOTUS Pick

Specter's Defection Could Help Republicans Block a Nominee to Replace Souter

At first glance, with Democrats a hair away from a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, one would expect President Obama to have no trouble hand-picking a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter.

But in an ironic twist, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter's switch to the Democratic Party this week could give Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee the upper hand in rejecting a nominee they find unacceptable.

That's because the Judiciary Committee, where Specter was the ranking minority member, requires the consent of at least one Republican to end debate and move a nominee to the full Senate for a vote.

"I think, in narrow terms, it could present a procedural problem at the committee level, unless the Democrats are going to change the rules of the committee midstream," William Jacobson, a professor of law at Cornell University, told

"Most people presume in a controversial nomination that Arlen Specter would have been the one most likely to vote with Democrats, since he prides himself on being independent of Republicans. But now that he moves over to the Democratic side, the president and Democrats lost their most likely minority vote."

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Obama is going to appoint a liberal justice and while I don't like it, it is his prerogative. Like it or not it is how our system is set up and we have to support it, good or bad. The real issue is how liberal the appointee is. If this holds, this could keep Obama honest and keep him from appointing a extreme left liberal which he would have given the chance.

On a more personal note, if it does come to pass that this disloyal scum costs his new friends their shot at remaking the court, I may never stop laughing.

This is small and petty I know. Don't worry though, I'm learning to live with it.


Mustang said...

My male Chihuahua has been wanting to marry the cat next door for quite some time now, so he's understandably excited about the prospect of a far-left justice. I may stop feeding the little bastard.

Z said...

Obama wants someone with "empathy and understanding" to take over, we all know no Republicans could ever be empathetic and understanding! Or, is it just that they understand that one must follow the constitution, not make up as one goes along and based on how things FEEL? OH, ya..THAT's it.

Mustang, I thought your boy chihuahua wanted to marry the boy chihuahua next door! ??

Chuck said...

Mustang, he can't eat much already

Z, gay marriage or maybe he's illegal, either way would be fine for the left

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

We're all holding our collective breath.

How come when Obama lists all the PC attributes of a Supreme Court Justice, legal experience isn't one of them?

Papa Frank said...

I hope this person is right. That really would be a cloud with a silver lining. I'm just glad the 2nd amendment was ruled on LAST year and not this year.

DaBlade said...

I don't believe there is anything small and petty about this entire issue, and I've never wanted him to fail on anything more than I do on this. I question whether or not the Republicans will have the spine or the stomache to mount any opposition to The One's pick.

Chuck said...

PCC, great point.

PF, problem with these decisions is they can be revisited

DaBlade, there is a question about some of the GOP Senators, whether they have the stones.

mksviews said...

If it hinders the left in their various plans, small and petty suits me just fine too Chuck. :)

disa said...