Monday, May 25, 2009

Have A Good Memorial Day

Enjoy the day with your family today, we are. Take a moment though and reflect on the reason for the day.


mksviews said...

It's not a holiday here, but some of us still remember and thank them for their sacrifice.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Yeah....calling it a "holiday" sounds a bit weird; but we should definitely "celebrate" their heroism and sacrifice even as we mourn their loss.

shoprat said...

Won't be doing anything today but will be reflecting.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Hope you are having a thoughtful and relaxing day. For all who have served this country, thank you.

Z said...

I have a little girl at graves I just posted, too, Chuck.
This is just lovely.
thanks...we can't have enough reminders. I know you have today off after 2 work days; I hope you're really enjoying it.

Chuck said...

MK, thanks.

Wordsmith, you have a point and there is a good number of people that think maybe we shouldn't use the day as fun time and instead spend the day remembering the heroes. While I believe we need to remember what the day is for, what better tribute to these men than having the ability to spend time with our families in a free country? It is like life returning to normal after 9/11. What better way to tell the teerrorists to go to Hell than to resume our lives undefeated?

Shoprat, thanks

Hoosier, agreed

Z, spent time with the kids. Thanks given to those that made it possible.

BTW, the young lady in the pic is my beautiful daughter. We were in an old cemetary in the U.P. and she was examining the grave marker quite intently. Never certain what is going through their mind at these times. She was fascinated with the cemetary and showed considerable respect for a child of 8.