Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Michael Savage, Public Enemy #1 In The UK

Named and shamed: the 16 barred from UK

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she decided to make public the names of 16 people banned since October so others could better understand what sort of behaviour Britain was not prepared to tolerate.

The list includes hate preachers, anti-gay protesters and a far- right US talk show host.

"I think it's important that people understand the sorts of values and sorts of standards that we have here, the fact that it's a privilege to come and the sort of things that mean you won't be welcome in this country," Ms Smith told GMTV.

"Coming to this country is a privilege. If you can't live by the rules that we live by, the standards and the values that we live by, we should exclude you from this country and, what's more, now we will make public those people that we have excluded.

"We are publishing the names of 16 of those that we have excluded since October. We are telling people who they are and why it is we don't want them in this country."

She said the number of people excluded from Britain had risen from an average of two a month to five a month since October.

The list of the 16 "least wanted" includes radio talk show host Michael Savage, real name Michael Weiner.

"This is someone who has fallen into the category of fomenting hatred, of such extreme views and expressing them in such a way that it is actually likely to cause inter-community tension or even violence if that person were allowed into the country," Ms Smith told BBC Breakfast.


(note: for an interesting read, go to the link and check out the comments section for what the British people think about this whole policy, Chuck)

Now to be up front, I'm not a fan of Michael Savage. I don't have a good reason, I just don't like him. With this in mind, I could care less if he is welcomed in the UK or not.

Further some of these people on the list I can agree with and actually give the UK credit for keeping them out. We should be following their lead.

What is ironic about the whole episode is that this is a country that has all but given itself over to their Muslim immigrants. They have gone as far as starting to incorporate sharia law into their legal practices.

So a country that is doing this is afraid of Michael Savage and is banning him?

There are times when I really do want to get off of this planet. Beam me up Scotty.


stormin said...

i hope it's not because he posted a story of mine on his website. if so, i'm sorry Michael.

cube said...

When will they stop the frothing-at-the-mouth hate speech from the imams?

Larry Durham said...

You need to finish the quote Chuck...beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life here.

Savage is...well, Savage, but banning him from the UK, while allowing (as Cube says) frothing-at-the -mouth hate speech...shows just how intimidated the Brits have become. RIP the mother land.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

I'm not a fan of Michael Savage, either. He is a bit "over the top" for me. On the other hand, Britain seems to have no problem letting in Muslim extremists that are likely to cause actual violence in the country, but the won't let in a Radio Talk Show host? Looks like they've read (or wrote?) the memo from the Department of Homeland Security.

Mustang said...

This isn’t about maintaining values. It is about fearing the several million Muslims who, as Chuck points out, now demand the incorporation of Shar’ia Law, at the exclusion of English Common Law. Interesting turn of events, I would say. Here we have a government so given over to extremist appeasement; British citizens no longer have the right of freedom of speech or expression. Simply amazing, amazingly pathetic, and pathetically simple.

Chuck said...

Stormin, it's all your fault

Cube, never because they are gaining control

Larry, good point

TC, good pick-up. Maybe Janet N sent them the bulletin too

Mustang, correct. This is naked censorship, nothing else. He doesn't preach hatred or violence, he just doesn't follow the Imam's talking points

Here is an update. Savage appears ready to sue, estimates place possible damages at 200,000 pounds