Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Still Trying To Drain The Swamp

A couple of stories today remind us that Nancy Pelosi's promise to drain the swamp when the Democrats took over Congress is a work in progress.

House Majority Leader: Congressional Hearings Should Explore Pelosi's Interrogation Briefing

The House majority leader reluctantly agreed Tuesday that congressional hearings should investigate Speaker Nancy Pelosi's assertion that she wasn't informed, more than six years ago, that harsh interrogation methods were used on an Al-Qaeda leader.

Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., called Republican challenges to Pelosi's assertion a diversion from the real question of whether the Bush administration tortured terrorist suspects. Nonetheless, he acknowledged the controversy should be resolved.

Democrats will hold a series of hearings on Justice Department memos released last month that justified rough tactics against detainees, including waterboarding -- simulated drowning -- and sleep deprivation.

While Democrats want the hearings to focus on what they call torture, Republicans have tried to turn the issue to their advantage by complaining that Pelosi and other Democrats knew of the tactics but didn't protest. Pelosi was briefed in 2002 while on the House Intelligence Committee.

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House Democrats Block Republican Effort to Force Ethics Inquiries of Several Lawmakers

WASHINGTON -- House Democrats on Tuesday stopped a Republican plan to force a campaign finance inquiry that likely would have investigated several influential Democrats. It was the eighth time since late February that the Republican move was halted.

One of the biggest recipients has been the chairman of the defense appropriations subcommittee, Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania.

The vote was 215-182 to stop consideration of a GOP resolution to initiate a House ethics committee inquiry. It called for an investigation into campaign contributions to House lawmakers by recipients of pet project money and their lobbyists.

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Poor Nancy, every time she tries to drain the swamp, she either catches a reflection of herself or she uncovers one of her friends. Drain a little, there's Charley Rangel wallowing in the mud. A little more and Jane Harmon's helping get spies off. The water gets a little shallower and there's John Murtha and his nephew.

The people at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue better hope they don't drain the Senate swamp too much.


mksviews said...

I heard elsewhere that Pelosi has been caught lying again, the leftist sack of crap.

"House Democrats on Tuesday stopped a Republican plan to force a campaign finance inquiry that likely would have investigated several influential Democrats."

Gee, what a shock eh, they want the previous administration investigated and all that, but not their fellow lefties. One rule for them and different, stricter ones for everyone else.

LASunsett said...


Just knowing that the good people in Congress are on top of this Pelosi controversy will help me to sleep better at night.


Mustang said...

Please pardon me for asking, but is "ethical lawmaker" an oxymoron? I didn't want to ask this question ... Sunset put me up to it.

The Eyes Of An Angel said...

And the beat goes on! Ugg

cube said...

The Peter Principle is alive and well in Washington, DC. Pelosi is just one of the affirmative action problems.

Chuck said...

MK, not surprised

LA, glad your feeling secure

Mustang, nobody knows, they have never found one. They're kind of like the Unicorn, good for bedtime fairy tales but not likely real.

Eyes, it's fun to make light of the Dems but they didn't invent this practice. NCSOS (new congress same old shit)

Cube, heh heh

Larry Durham said...

I'm all for waterboarding San Fran Nan to find out what she knew and when she knew it (just kidding...but not by much). But it doesn't matter. Somebody could produce photos of Nancy giving Harry Reid a lap dance and the MSM would simply shrug.

Sorry for the horrific image.

David#999 said...

As for waterboarding, I would waterboard a terrorist all day long to get any information that may save ONE American life.

sometimes I get the impression there is a contingent on the left which seems to feel we've got folks looking for any/every opportunity to torture ... I would waterboard and yes even kill a thousand terrorists to save one innocent life. ... ESPECIALLY if it meant saving MY daughter from hours of rape and a long agonizing death. You can take that to the bank!

LUCKY said...

Well I can't say I'm sad. I don't really indentify with the Democrats or the Republicans. They are both pretty much the same to me. Most of their policies don't seem that diffrent.

I would honestly be in favor of draining the whole swamp, turing into a nuclear dump site and starting over somewhere else with a new set of people.

Or the alternate idea is maybe to introduce some really awesome hungry crocodiles into the swamp.

It's My Choice said...

According to Janet Neapolitan my husband who is a returning war veteran, owns a gun and is against abortion (depending on circumstances) - yea he is considered a terrorist threat. I'm not even joking. Check it out for yourself.

Soooo a violent right wing extremist group may just come a knockin to recruit my husband to help carry out their crazy and dangerous plots. Seriously??

pro-lifers, anyone who lost their jobs or are one of the thousands of military veterans who have fought to prevent another 9/11 could be suspect

To be fair - on the other side of the coin of the left wing demos!

cyberattacks and radical "eco-terrorist" groups like Earth Liberation Front, accused of firebombing construction sites, logging companies, car dealerships and food science labs

Soooo if you love puppies maybe you could be recruited by the Animal Liberation Front.

It is ridiculous and offensive to millions of Americans and quite frankly it pisses me off. The government is trying to take our values and beliefs and twist it into possible terrorist activity.

Does this mean that because I don't agree or share the same views with our president that I am a possible terrorist threat? Honestly, everything starts somewhere and to start with these extremes is only the beginning. *sigh*

Chuck said...

Larry, we try not to use that type of imagery here, it may scare the children :-)

David, I'm with you. If it is between my kids and a terrorist, use a freakin fire hydrant to waterboard them for all I care.

As far as the left making too much of how much we did it, you would think we waterboarded everyone during processing.

Actually this misconception stems from the confusion the terrorists experienced when getting their first shower ever.

Lucky, the nuclear storage idea's not bad. Solves the corruption and storage problems both at the same time.

Choice, thanks. Profiling by any other name...

shoprat said...

I hope this is the beginning of the end.