Tuesday, May 19, 2009

National EMS Week

This week, May 17th to 23rd, is National Emergency Medical Services Week. I have the privilege of working very closely with Paramedics in the Emergency Room and have made some good friends.

I don't think most people fully understand what these men and women do for us.

They work out in the rain, snow, heat, and wind. They don't get to duck under an awning or sit in their truck, they are out in the weather until what they are doing is done.

They go to a call when someone has been shot in the street, this is not nearly as sterile as they show on TV. These scenes are dangerous. They have people from the neighborhood standing around. The people are usually angry, keyed-up, often "medicated", and armed. The areas they have to go in are usually not good areas, to say the least.

They see gore and destruction that most of us can only imagine. I see a lot of stuff in the Emergency Room, some of it I won't even talk to people outside of work about. They wouldn't understand. Most of the stuff I see has been cleaned up before the patient gets to us though. The even worse stuff doesn't make it to us but they have to deal with it.

They check up on their patients later when they come in again to see how they did. They don't just drop them off and forget them.

They get calls in which it is an elderly person that just needs someone to talk to and they do it.

I had one case in which an elderly woman had fallen in her house and laid on the floor for over 24 hours. You can only imagine what kind of a mess a person is when they cannot get to the bathroom for that long. The crew washed her up and changed her clothes before they transported her to us.

This is only a small part of what they do and doesn't fully do them justice. These are good men and women. They are also all insane which does help. They are a blast to work with and make our job easier and more enjoyable in the Emergency Room.

Join me in saluting them this week, they deserve it.


I Ain't Got No Blog said...

Congrats to you. You are a good man. If you like "Good men"

cube said...

They are unsung heroes. I'm glad to know they're getting some appreciation for their work.

mksviews said...

here-here Chuck, pass our best wishes and thanks to them for us won't you.

Flavor Country said...

Even though we don't see eye to eye on politics....I must say the work that you and your brothers and sisters do is extraordinary.

Thank you for all your hard work Sir.

Z said...

Chuck, were we separated at birth? We so often seem to blog someting the other either blogged or was thinking!
Just YESTERDAY, I was at the grocery store and saw a fireman shopping...I approached him and said "I have often thought firemen were THE best people on the planet" (i'm prone to hyperbole but this is true!)

He was adorable and thanked me...I said "Thank YOU, I've seen you guys in ER's staying with old people and cheering them up as they wait to be tended to..and I'm always touched by your kindnesses" I have come to find out that they have to stay with the people they brought in until they're seen (seems like a stupid law, by the way$$ do you have that in your state, chuck?) but they don't HAVE to be kind.

SUPER blog...as Californians are getting ready to cut fire and cops due to the budget instead of teachers who seem to be doing worse and worse for our kids, huh? sad.

Flavor Country: Don't make me hate you! It bugs me when liberals are respectful...ruins their reputation! (Smile)

Z said...

OH, darn! Flavor's blog's not easy to comment on (i'm too techtard and lazy today). I wanted to say I wish the gov't had been this upset when Berger was stealing , but...

The masthead shows he could be fair...I like that. (the Beck quote is apparently ill understood...he is NOT "gospel" in the true sense, that's for sure)

And now I'll leave Chuck's site to Chuck!! (Sorry about that!)

Flavor Country said...

Z I don't know why you have a hard time commenting on my blog?

Even Chuck can leave a line there.
Must be too conservative :)

Take Care

LUCKY said...

Hey Chuck,

I just want to say kudoes to your post. My father has been doing law enforcement type stuff for the last thirty years and before that he was in pararescue in the airforce. For the last twenty years he has been with the National Park Service doing LE stuff.

However like some park rangers he is also a paramedic. He says that being a paramedic is far more fufiling than law enforcement. Most of the time in LE stuff you get there to late to help. But being a paramedic you get to help people before its to late.

One of the hardest things for him personally was when when my brother and I were kids and he had someone our age that he had to help or that died in his arms. Those were always really hard days for him.

The men and women who devote their lives to others should be praised and more highly rewarded and revered in our nation.

Chuck said...

Ain't, thanks

Cube, they deserve it

MK, thanks

Flavor, I've just got to keep working on you, you'll come around. Thanks for the comment.

Z, I don't know if the fire are required to hang around, I don't think so. The police are but your right, they're not required to be nice.

As far as Flavor, his views are a litle off sometimes but he's a good guy.

Lucky, your dad sounds like he's a good guy.

Your right, taking care of the kids is hard when you have your own. I helped resuscitate a week old baby. It was a roller coaster ride. On one hand I was thrilled we saved the kid's life (he lived and did well) but it, quite frankly, sucked. You can't help but see your kids in their place.

shoprat said...

Keep doing what you do.

Fellow conservative blogger at Armed and Christian is also of that profession.


DaBlade said...

Trauma victims aren't known to conduct interviews to determine political compatability in their EMS drivers and medical team.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, thanks

DaBlade, this all gets left behind when I go to work. It's my other life.

Tina Hemond said...

Chuck, truly hero's! Thank you for taking the time to post this!

Im Here To Say It said...

Good work my good man!

Chuck said...

Tina, they are. Thanks

Here, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the comments.