Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Noose Is Tightening On Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi: I Was Told Interrogation Methods Were Lawful

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted Friday that she was briefed only once about the "enhanced" interrogation techniques being used on terrorism suspects and that she was assured by lawyers with the CIA and the Department of Justice that the methods were legal.

Pelosi issued a statement after CIA records released this week showed that Pelosi was briefed in September 2002 on the interrogation methods. The briefings memo appeared to contradict the speaker's claims that she was never told that waterboarding or other enhanced interrogation methods were being used.

"We were not -- I repeat -- were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used," Pelosi said on April 23.

The emphasis seems to be on "were used," even though she conceded in a statement released Friday that she was told they would be used.

Nancy Pelosi has released yet another clarification of what she knew about waterboarding and when she knew it. As more and more information has come out contradicting her, she has had to release regular updates on her story. This latest statement is unlikely to be the last because it has already been shown that it is unlikely the whole truth.

If too much more information comes out, she may eventually be forced to tell the truth.

The fun part of this is that her excuse now is that that she took advice from the very legal experts she wants to prosecute. Further, she wants to prosecute Bush and his officials for taking the advice of the same people she took legal advice from.

Being a Democrat must be confusing with all of the contradictions they have to deal with on a daily basis.

What I propose is that if we are going to seek prosecutions of people involved in this, we need to start with the people in Congress that allowed it to happen without exercising their constitutional duty of oversight and checks and balances.

Pelosi is just one of 65 lawmakers who received 40 briefings dealing with the subject. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., for instance, was repeatedly briefed, as was Rep. Jane Harman, D-Valif., who took over Pelosi's spot on the House Intelligence Committee.

Deciding to prosecute Congressional members should put a stop to this incredibly ironically named "Truth Commission".



Z said...

I have to guiltily admit your title got me all excited in a kind of visceral way! (What is HAPPENING to us!?)!
I'm all for ANYTHING that makes even the CIA turn against the Left. Finally.

Matthew Avitabile said...

I think that Pelosi used the word "awesome"

Lynne said...

Why do you keep deleting my comments?
No free speech here?

Reaganite Republican Resistance said...

Truly amazing- Pelosi was caught lying red-handed... and she's STILL lying.

Of course, she had no objection to the use of EITs for almost 5 years- until she was Speaker in 2007 and the antiwar left raised it as an issue. Suddenly she's against it, and/or "knew nothing". And obviously willing to lie to the whole country to create a more favorable reality.

Apparently Obama and Pelosi forgot something: the CIA kills people... it's in their job description. Did they really think these killers were going to meekly take one for the team... when the team captain is a lying, incompetent, arrogant nebbish with no real-world experience and who told them they need to kiss his ring? - please

Pelosi is a no-talent hack who's made a lot of enemies. Going to be hard to BS her way out of this one- her approval rating was like 9% before this story even broke.

Chuck said...

Z, little wishful thinking? Her chickens, they're coming home to roost.

Matthew, thanks for stopping by. At the time she appeared to be ok with it. That was before she fully understood the implications of the acts (political implications that is). Most politicians are cowards politically, Dems are just better at it than most.

Lynne, I do not believe you are a real blogger, just a far left spam hack. Your link looks like bullshit. Your name is all over the place making attacks with no way for any track back. You cut and paste comments, I have seen them at my friend's sites. As I have said before, I think this is cowardice. Disagreements I am okay with, cowardice I am not.

If you continue posting baseless attacks, I will continue to delete them. You should feel special, I delete very few comments, only one other person so far.

Reaganite, this goes back to the WMD issue too. Just about everyone on the left said Iraq had WMDs until they were not found. Then Bush is the one that lied. The bootom line is this is because of the media. The media gives them cover. If they were being called on this horsepile they would stop their lying.

shoprat said...

She must be one of those nuts who believe that there is no absolute truth. She'll keep lying because that's what libs do.

Leslie said...

It is amazing acrobatics, watching the libs squirm that is. It is good to finally see liars getting caught in their lies.

Maybe I am being too skeptical, but do you really think we will see anything happening to her in way of consequences for her actions? Take a guess...what do you think will happen next?
Just curious.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, they're just better at it

Leslie, maybe Congress will investigate her?

mksviews said...

"What I propose is that if we are going to seek prosecutions of people involved in this, we need to start with the people in Congress that allowed it to happen without exercising their constitutional duty of oversight and checks and balances."

Exactly Chuck. You first leftist scum.