Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"I'm sure she would have restated it,"

Barack Obama on his SCOTUS pick Sonia Sotomayor as way of explanation (?) of her statement that Latina women would make a better decision than white men because they are, well, Latina women.

Two things about this quote.

Duh. Of course if she would change it now she could because it has become a headache.

We have heard from just about everybody in the country about the quote, reporters, Republicans, Democrats. People who agree, people who disagree. Everybody but the judge herself.

We hear this type of statement a lot, "he/she/I would not". This type of statement means nothing, see first point.

What we need to hear is a convincing explanation from the judge on what she was thinking when she said, how she feels about race, and how these feelings will effect her decisions on the bench.

I mean, this whole pick is about "feelings" right. Obama did say he was looking for someone empathetic. To be fair though, he never did say empathetic to whom.

Until we hear from her, we can only use her racist statement as a guide and form our opinions from there.

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Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

So Obama's saying she wasn't savvy enough to get it right the first time?

Hey, way to show his total confidence in her!

mksviews said...

I'm sure Hussein thinks the same about many of his own statements, or is he really blaming his teleprompter for it.

Flavor Country said...

Chuck I would hope as a White person you would be able to see the racism in this statement better than I could as a Black man :)

Gramma 2 Many said...

And now he just wants us to get over it and get her seated. There is not suppose to be any discussion at all?

shoprat said...

I was once told to examine a sentence by reversing the position of each race in the sentence and see how it sounds then. That was back when people talked sensibly about race.

Chuck said...

PCC, it has become habit for him to defend a pick

MK, true

Flavor, I was hurt, hurt I say. Actually I'm okay with her being proud of her heritage, I am just tired of this being excused from the left. If Justice Roberts had said he would make a better decision as a white man there would have been all kinds of Hell. The reality is that the only real use of race now is coming from the left.

Gramma, Obama is not a fan of filibustering a SCOTUS candidate, anymore

Shoprat, exactly. I'm tired of this notion that only white males can be racist. Racism is horrible, irregardless of where it comes from and we will not be rid of it until no one is doing it.

cube said...

Affirmative action at work. BO knows all about that.