Monday, May 4, 2009

Sign A Petition For Firefighters Please

As a lot of my readers know, I am an Emergency Room RN. In the course of my work I have the honor of working with the other great members of the Emergency Response system. On a daily basis I work with Paramedics, Police, the county Medical Communications system, and, firefighters.

I have met some great people along the way. These are all people that do an incredibly hard job in some terrible conditions and horrible weather and often get grief from the people they serve. They still go to work everyday and do things the general public does not know about. I am a pretty jaded person after doing this for as many years as I have and even I am sometimes touched with some of the acts these men and women perform with no thanks.

This brings me to the point of my story. We have National Police Week, National Nurses Week, National EMS Week, but no day or week honoring firefighters. This is a travesty. I know they do their job anyways, none of us do what we do for the recognition. This though makes it even more of a disgrace that they don't get the recognition they deserve.

Remember these images?

These men and women risk their lives for us, they deserve a little formal recognition.

Today is International Firefighters Day. We need to get our Congress and President to finally pass an act setting aside a day or week to honor these good people. Groups have been trying for years, it's past time.

Please go to this site and sign the petition. The petition is being sent to Congress to spur action.

Thank You,


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Left Coast Rebel said...

Great job on this Chuck, I signed the petition and it said that over 70,000 people have so far as well....

Z said...

I haven't met a better bunch of people than fire fighters.....I've had elderly neighbors need them and they're SO kind beyond what they 'should' do when they're at their home. Staying with them at the hospital ER before they're seen by a doctor, cheering them up, contacting families for them...they are SO KIND.
Thanks for blogging this, Chuck...excellent cause.

DaBlade said...

OK, I'm in. But this would bring down the total number of congressional "work days" by a large percentage.

Always On Watch said...

Petition signed!

Chuck said...

Thanks all

Z, Ive seen police, firefighters and paramedics all wait in the ER with patients until they are settled.

cube said...

Good post. Hanging on my rear view mirror is a red dog tag with the name Michael Weinberg a NY firefighter who died on 9/11. I haven't forgotten the sacrifices they made and continue to make every day.

mksviews said...

All done Chuck, i hope they get their day, they sure deserve it.