Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Is One Incredible Man

Man Makes Four-Day Trip to Save Life of Badly Injured 6-Year-Old Girl With Intestines Exposed

A Papua New Guinea man made a four-day trip to Cairns, Australia carrying a 6-year-old girl so badly injured her intestines were exposed.

Forty-year-old farmer Lambai Pisau was called to his niece's Papua New Guinea village school on the border of Indonesia last Thursday afternoon after she fell out of a classroom window and landed on a sharp hibiscus tree.

The fall pierced young Dulcie Nakai's abdomen, exposing her intestines.

Pisau took his niece to their remote Papau New Guinea village's first aid post by canoe only to find the medical officer away for the night distributing donated mosquito nets.

He treated his niece as best he could using a bandage and Tylenol before the pair endured a five-hour ambulance ride to the Papua New Guinea town of Morehead last Friday.

From Morehead, the two travelled eight hours in a motorized dinghy, which constantly broke down, before spending the night in a bush hut at the mouth of a crocodile-infested river.

On Sunday, it was another four hours in the dinghy to get to Boigu Island in the Torres Strait.

A medical team on the island had a helicopter transfer to Thursday Island where the pair was met by the Royal Flying Doctor Service and flown to Cairns, arriving early Monday morning.

Surgeons at Cairns Base Hospital successfully conducted life-saving surgery on Dulcie and she is now resting comfortably


Obviously having the bowels exposed is a very precarious position to be in medically. What this man did was incredible. Having the girl survive is not only a testament to her uncle and the medical team but is really nothing short of a miracle.


mksviews said...

Heck of a fellow ain't he, and i hope that little girl is well on the road to recovery.

Z said...

talk about great LOVE.
Thanks, Chuck..feel good stories are much needed these days, aren't they.
What a hero. SO happy the story ended so well!

Always On Watch said...

What a wonderful display of love!

Thanks for posting this uplifting story.

Flavor Country said...

In world that puts on a display of hate, bigotry and evil, it's nice to see real love and kindness is still alive.

Chuck said...

Thanks all. I wasn't around yesterday. Our school hosted a track invitational and picnic. I spent the day with the kids. Good time.

This is a great story