Monday, June 1, 2009

Are We Becoming A Banana Republic?

There has been something gnawing at me for awhile and I want to get other thoughts on it.

While I do not believe Obama will destroy our country, I think we are heading into a rough patch.

I don't believe he will not destroy our country not for a lacking of trying but because he can't. The founding fathers saw people like him coming and wisely set up our government so one man cannot cause permanent change. No matter what he does, we will get a new President in 4 to 8 years and the new one will be able to undo some of the damage he is doing.

With this said, let's look at some of the things that have happened in a little over 4 months.

Obama either has already, or is threatening to, nationalize key elements of our economy. He now effectively controls our auto industry. There has been threats to nationalize the financial sector. There has been calls from key members of Congress to nationalize the oil and gas industry. There is a strong push to nationalize our health care industry.

We have what amounts to a state media. There is very little of our media that is not using their newscasts to distribute the governments position on all issues. The majority of the current American media has become nothing more than the PR wing for the White House. The on air personalities bow to the official line on most issues, they speak in glowing terms of, for wont of a better term, Dear Leader, and they bury any negative or opposition stories.

Further, the federal government and Congress are actively pursuing means to shut down opposition media. In true Central American style, the current US government is attempting to close down opposition radio. Dating back to the campaign, Obama used a team of lawyers to harass radio station personalities that spoke in opposition to him.

At the same time he actively promotes the media organizations that show loyalty to him by giving them preferred access at press conferences and for interviews.

Obama has shown a penchant for aligning himself with the world's despots. At the same time he has given traditional American allies a cold shoulder.

In true banana republic fashion, he throws money that he does not have at the peasants. This is a long time trick of dictators from the south, if you lack any real solution to your countries' problems, toss some money at the rabble to keep them quite for awhile.

The Obama administration provided financial support, quietly and obtusely, to ACORN, an organization that has a history of voter registration fraud to register voters for him.

The Obama justice department has now legalized thuggery at the polling place to suppress votes against them.

If all of this sounds familiar, nationalization of industry, squelching the free speech rights of the opposition while promoting a state media, aligning with despots, runaway deficit spending to keep the masses happy, and suppression of the vote, it should...

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Mustang said...

Before I respond to your excellent commentary, let me observe that the answer to the question, “Will/can Barack Obama destroy our country,” must depend on how you define “country.” If you mean the physical limits of the US, then I would be inclined to agree with you. But in my view, “our country” evolves around our constitution. If Barack Obama destroys constitution, then he has destroyed our country.

What our Constitution does for us, principally, is limit government. Presidents violate our Constitution when they enlarge the role of government so that it becomes more intrusive, rather than less. Seizing control of private corporations, no matter what the reason used to justify such behavior, is un-Constitutional, and therefore ruinous to America. Appointing judges with a liberal agenda is another example. Limiting the right of persons to communicate with their government is another; imposing the Fairness Doctrine, forcing states to accept stimulus money, initiating measures (tiny steps) to systematically destroy our Bill of Rights … all of these pose a real and present danger to the people of the United States.

Obama has already done these things. So I think that destroying America is not only possible, it is likely. Two questions remain: (1) how soon should we anticipate this happening, and (2) are we, as a people, smart enough to do anything about it?

Larry Durham said...

Que pasa, amigo!

CTR says: "toss some money at the rabble to keep them quite for awhile."

Absolutely: Barry is no apprentice when it comes to rabble rousing. He, Rezko (sp), Ayers, etc, specialize in shake downs (along with fellow race baiter, and master shakedown artist, Jessie Jackson).

Banana Republic?...what else would we expect from a "community organizer"?

Bueno post.

Frank the Carpenter said...

You asked "Are We Becoming A Banana Republic?"

My friend we are more than 1/2 way there already

Chuck said...

Mustang, I do not disagree. I think I should clarify.

I do not think he can destroy the country permanently. I certainly think he can do a lot of damage and it could take a lot of time and hardship to reverse the damage.

It is because of the Constitution though that I think he cannot do permanent damage. I believe that the founding fathers saw an "Obama" coming and wrote the Constitution in a way that it is survivable. The analogy would be that it would bend but not break.

He would have to make unimaginable changes to do permanent damage, not impossible but unlikely. I think my stance is that America is stronger than any one man.

Larry, gracias

Frank, thanks. Soon we'll all be wearing Panama hats

Bags said...

Obama alone can not destoy our country. Unfortunately, as you said, he has the media to help him. The other key ingredient is that he has Congress. We are stuck with him for at least these 4 years but we can, and must, flip Congress soon.

And you didn't even mention his supreme court nominee!! So long separation of powers.

cube said...

Flipping the Congress would go a long way to taking the wind out of BO's sails. He can plenty of damge until then thanks to our subservient press.

Chuck said...

Bags, Thanks, hard to mention all of the issues

Cube, agreed. I can say though that if we do retake Congress in 2010 that stretch from November to January is going to be a scary time for the country. All of a sudden the Dems will have energy to accomplish things.

DaBlade said...

The problem lies with the masses who voted him in and continue to cheer him on. The masses who were dumbed down from public school education and inundated with propaganda from the state run media. He has set this scheme up so that the worse things get from his policies, the more a call from the 50+% of non tax-paying sheeple for even more government intrusion. We're screwed. It's like those plastic toothed garbage ties that always seem to tighten, but never give ground back.

shoprat said...

Hopefully we will flip Congress and then impeach, remove, and imprison the crook.

MK said...

Hussein may not be able to destroy your country Chuck, but he sure has set it on a path that is incredibly difficult to turn back from.

It's good that you put the pic of chavez and hussein together, because at heart, they're both the same, they both hate America, one's just on the inside now.

heidianne jackson said...

chuck, you said "No matter what he does, we will get a new President in 4 to 8 years and the new one will be able to undo some of the damage he is doing."

[putting tin-hat on squarely] i have read several accounts (too lazy to go find them and link them here) that obama's minions are working tirelessly behind the scenes to remove term limits for the president. one account i read posited that SHOULD the gop - or others who are conservatives - route the libs from congress in 2010, the current congress will work dilligently to push that legislations through before the new congress is seated. [setting tin-hat aside].

he can permanently change our country. people thought same about hitler and chavez and castro and... never say never.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, interesting analogy

Shoprt, we need to get our doo doo together in the GOP first

MK, they say a pic is worth a thousand words

Heidianne, thanks for stopping by. They can attempt to change the term limits and they likely will try but it is no small feat. It would require a repeal of the 22nd Amendment.

Brooke said...

I believe Larry nailed it.

Z said...

Mr. Z has been saying we're turning into a Banana Republic for a year now......SO WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT?

heidianne jackson said...

several things should have required a constitutional amendment and yet, here we are... you have far more faith than i, my friend.

KrisEveland said...

I agree with Mustang's comment. Our constitution is under attack and the more supreme court justices he's able to put up there, the closer to a destroyed country we get.

Gerald Key said...

Tere is a bill already introduced to eliminate his term limits. The rush is on to get it all on an irreversalable course this half of the Congressional term so that re-election pressures will no longer be a factor. And the masses are fat dumb and happy with him since they are being fed his chowder. He is in the process of appointing an internet CAZR so there goes your forum.
God help us.