Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't We Have Our Priorities Skewed A Little Here?

I was watching a video at Always On Watch when a thought occurred to me.

Actually, I only watched half of the video because I got pissed and turned it off. This is why I will not post the video here. Hats off to AOW for having more intestinal fortitude than me and being able to share this with us.

Anyways, the video is of the Little Rock, Arkansas Army-Navy recruiting station shooting in which Pvt William Long was murdered. Or, more accurately, the video is of a woman that showed up the day of the shooting by my understanding in a Hijab to protest America.

I could go on about how the woman was protesting on the day the man was murdered by a fellow low-life Muslim but that is not the point of this post. Let's just leave that at saying I was pissed beyond belief and move on.

While watching the video, and on and off since then, I have been thinking about the actions by President Barrack Hussein Obama of the last week.

(Note: Since Obama has now deemed it okay to use his middle name when he is among his Muslim friends, nothing from the left on using it in a cynical way)

Let's review some of the events over the last week.

Sunday May 31st, George Tiller, an abortion doctor who was one of the few providers in the country of late term abortions was murdered in cold blood in church. This was a horrific act and I personally would like to smack Mr Scott Roeder in the head if he deems himself "pro-life". He is a psycho and a murderer.

That day Obama released a statement strongly condemning this act of murder to the national media and should have.

The following day, Monday June 1st, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad shot and killed Pvt William Long and wounded Pvt Quinton Ezeagwula at the recruiting station in Little Rock. The shooter was a convert to Islam and the shooting appears to be in direct connection with his religious beliefs.

Thursday June 4th, 3 days after the shooting, Obama released a statement to the media condemning the attack on the recruiting station.

It has been my understanding that he quietly released the comment to the Arkansas media only. I have no way of knowing if this is true or not. The only thing I can go by is the fact that the national media, if they did get the statement directly, didn't seem to think it was real important because it was not covered. In fact I did not even hear about the statement for a couple of days. At the same time, the condemnation of the Tiller murder was covered so extensively that even Osama bin Laden heard about it in his cave.

Thursday June 4th, Barack Hussein Obama makes a speech in Egypt extolling the contributions of Islam to the United States throughout our history, proclaiming the United States "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world", and apologizing for all of the Hell we have put them through under George Bush.

Friday June 5th, the Department of Justice announces it will open an investigation of the Tiller murder. There has not, as of yet, been an announcement that they will investigate the recruiting station murder.

Let's discuss this investigation for a moment because Bill Clinton did this same type of thing. What they will do is go through the shooter's contacts and history to see if he: has any relationship with a national anti-abortion group, gets info from a national anti-abortion group either online or through the mail, or has ever listened to a speaker from a national anti-abortion group. If any of these are true, they can then work on building a RICO case against the group and sue them for being culpable in the murder of Tiller.

So let's recap these events.

Obama is outraged by the murder of an abortion doctor, a man who made a living killing babies that can live quite well outside the womb. The Department of Justice is going to investigate this murder in an attempt to persecute (oops prosecute) a group for exercising their constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech. Or, better known to Janet Napolitano as being a terrorist.

At the same time, Obama makes a weak condemnation of the murder by an actual terrorist of one of his troops (remember, he is the Commander in Chief), the DOJ deems this murder unworthy of investigation, and Obama apologizes to these same terrorists for the way we treat them.

Any questions?


Z said...

Fantastic post, Chuck.
By the way, I never heard the Obama statement regarding the soldier's death...and I watch a lot of TV news.

On CNN, they used the murderer's American name, not the name that was in all the articles; I don't even know how they found it so quickly because he used 3 Arabic names ending with Mohammed. Yup...Google it and he's "Formerly known as Bledsoe....."

Good ol' CNN...protecting Americans..oops, protecting Muslims again, sorry.!!! subtle, eh?

Flavor Country said...

A little long but had to explain everything....

President Obama said, “I am deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence against two brave young soldiers who were doing their part to strengthen our armed forces and keep our country safe. I would like to wish Quinton Ezeagwula a speedy recovery, and to offer my condolences and prayers to William Long’s family as they mourn the loss of their son.”

Chuck a statement was released in less than 48 hrs....the morning of June 3rd. Was not quietly released it was picked up by all news sources the morning of, not just Arkansas.

I don't get it. Why is it so hard to understand that Dr. Tiller's death is getting way more attention than Long's death simply because of pro-life organizations hatred of him and wacko liberal groups support of him?

He was in the news well before his death all the time. He performed controversial abortions that even some liberal like me don't agree with. You can find stories on this man in both left-wing and right-wing media sources, he was an infamous figure.

We all know the media cares nothing about anything other than ratings and controversy. Tiller's murder gave them both.

Not even Fox gave private long's story as much attention as Tiller's because of the abortion debate.

The DOJ opened the investigations because the potential tie to the pro-life organization Operation Rescue in which he had one of the spokesperson's direct cell phone number with him. and they had constant contact within the weeks leading up to Tiller's shooting.

The woman involved[Cheryl] Sullenger first said she hadn't spoken with Roeder recently.

“No, he hasn’t called me recently,” Sullenger said. “No.”

She went on: “You know, he’s somebody who’s been around. My name is on the Internet. It’s on every press release. My phone number is on every press release it. It’s all over the internet. I don’t know. He probably has lots of people’s phone numbers. You know? So I don’t know. I don’t have any more comment other than that.”

She has now changed her story and said she had spoken with him several times leading up to the shooting, She also was previously convicted of planning a bombing of a abortion clinic......HENCE THE INVESTIGATION.

I will lose no sleep of Tiller's death, honestly. I regret anyone being murder, but that's how I feel.

Pvt. Long's death is sad. The man never even got the chance to actually serve before he was shot by a Obvious coward.

By the way the FBI is investigating the Long death because some of the investigation is happening overseas.

Chuck said...

Z, to some extent, I agree with Flavor in that this was partially the fault of the media. There is quite a different approach here though isn't there.

Flavor, don't worry about length (it's google's server space, right?)

I do agree that some of the lack of reporting is due to the media, partially because he is a nationally known figure but more importantly because of the liberal bias. Fox did report on the Little Rock shooting extensively both on line and TV. But...

Obama did release a statement the day of the Tiller murder, and waited 2 days if your timing is right (and I believe it is). This delay is not only indicative of his lack of respect of the military but also inexcusable. The fact that he showed immediate and strong outrage at the Tiller murder (rightfully so) and delayed and tepid respionse to the Little Rock murder is real and worthy of notice.

As far as the DOJ, I have seen no indication that they are making as big of a deal in the Little Rock shooting. If they are, why are they not as public about it. In my mind they are clearly taking the Tiller case more seriously and want their supporters to know this.

Finally, it is no small coincidence that the Little Rock murder was downplayed in the same week Obama is on his Middle East apology tour.

Looking at his statements. He mentioned abortion in the Tiller statement and attributed the murder to abortion foes. Did you see any mention of Islam or Muslim extremism in his Little Rock statement? Did he lay the blame for the murder in Little Rock where it belongs, on Muslim extremism?

He did treat them differently.

stormin said...

talk about bad timing for Obama. a man who has just recently converted to Islam goes on a shooting spree in Arkansas in order to deliberatly kill our soldiers just as Obama is getting ready to jet off to Cairo to apologize for how badly we've treated Muslims. how can he possibly make a big show of condemning the acts of an Islamic extremist when he's about to go and grovel before them. BTW Obama, the man who who you really went to go and break bread with hated your speech.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Looking at his statements. He mentioned abortion in the Tiller statement and attributed the murder to abortion foes. Did you see any mention of Islam or Muslim extremism in his Little Rock statement? Did he lay the blame for the murder in Little Rock where it belongs, on Muslim extremism?

He did treat them differently.

I think that's a worthy point.

Coming at a time when he's on a diplomatic mission to woo hearts and minds in the Muslim world, how to proceed?

What is simply insane, is George Bush in regards to Islam, has said essentially the same thing as Obama, down to Koran quotes; yet Obama's speech is "landmark"?!

And how does pointing out the "Islam" identification of the terrorists constitute a prejudicial attack on the whole of the Islamic faith? Muslims say, "al Qaeda is not us; Islamic terrorists defile the name of Islam". Then go and attack the jihadis, and suddenly you're insulting and attacking the Muslim world. Wtf?!

mksviews said...

Just on that muslim bitch whining against America, if that had happened in an Arab country and she were a Jew or a white person, she's be swinging from a rope or on the first boat out.
As for hussein obama, the truth is he cares more for a pro-abortionist than his own troops and also more for the murderous muslim thugs in this world. That much he made clear on his ass-kissing tour of the middle east.

shoprat said...

My solution is simple. If you don't like it America go to a Socialist or Sharia state and live there. You'll be begging to come back within a year (or less).

Always On Watch said...

Hats off to AOW for having more intestinal fortitude than me and being able to share this with us.

I don't know about that, Chuck. But I did want to "go viral" with that video. I want people to see and hear the words coming from the mouth of the enemy!

Friday June 5th, the Department of Justice announces it will open an investigation of the Tiller murder. There has not, as of yet, been an announcement that they will investigate the recruiting station murder.

As my online time recently has been hit or miss, I wasn't aware that an official investigation had been opened for Tiller's murder!

The BHO administration is showing its priorities, all right. Every American should be outraged! Just about every day I scream, "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO AMERICA?" The last time I screamed those words was on 9/11, BTW.

LomaAlta said...

People did not believe what Hitler said he would do; but he did the things he promised.

Most Americans didn't believe Obama would forever change America the way he is; but he is doing the things he promised.

Chuck said...

Stormin, agreed. Tyhe whole thing was inconvenient

Wordsmith, we need to confront Islam head on about this. The "moderates" will see it for what it is, an attack on extremism. The rest? They can go to Hell.

MK, the most telling quote from the video was someone asking her if she could speak her mind in Saudi Arabia? Obviously the answer is no. But they come her and abuse our freedoms by making asses of themselves

Shoprat, most of these idiots will have a hard time getting off of the plane.

AOW, glad you posted it, it needs to get out. Obama has been showing his true self way too much lastely, look at them dropping charges against the New Black Panther guys. We have certainly undergone a change.

LomaAlta, if we have to give Obama one thing, he has kept some campaign promises. Too bad the sheeple weren't listening closer to what he was really saying.

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