Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm Sold

I have gotten several e-mails lately from this company. It is likely spam and I thought I set my e-mail spam filter to block it but they are somehow getting through.

Read the e-mail first.

We have not received any reply yet. You are receiving this email because we wish you to use our web design service.

We are web design studio from China. We are specialized in web page design, website development, graphics & multi-media design, flash website design and other relevant services. We pride ourselves with our technical strength, professional vision, unique style, and most of all, our highly devoted professional designers. We are in position to offer website solution, graphics design, e-commerce solution, online promotion and other medium and small business oriented services.

Forget the whole outsourcing jobs issue for a moment. Would you use a company to design your website that cannot even use proper English in it's promotion to you? I do not profess to have the best grammar but shouldn't someone doing design for a living be an expert?


Bryan said...

Hmmm, would that by chance include hidden codes?

LUCKY said...

I have recently gotten a couple of emails for a barrister(lawyer) from Nigeria claiming to represent the United Nations and that I have over $900,000 that belonged to a rich relative I had no idea about. I wonder how many people have actually responded to my Nigerian friend. I still can't believe he just thought I would email him my address, birthday, full name, bank name and account number.

JINGOIST said...

Chuck I had to laugh when I read it. They only screwed up the plurals though...That makes them regular Honor students in many government schools here in the US!

Chuck said...

Bryan, it is scary

Lucky, it's amazing that anyone would respond to these after all of the coverage.

Jingoist, dead on. We had a nurse's aide that was from Brazil, she was an RN there and was taking English classes to get liscensed here in the US, good lady. I told her the sad thing was that she spoke better English than a lot of people born here.

Z said...

Lucky, I got the same, same thousand, should I say!?

It IS're so right, Chuck! How much would it cost to just have one American check it, right?]

maybe it's a virus?

mksviews said...

Well it's a different take from the usual dictators cousin/aunt/uncle/son etc who's trying to get his slain fathers billions through you, a stranger he's never met but just trusts.

cube said...

That Nigerian dude gets around ;-)