Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just Call Me Senator

Barbara Boxer (Dimwit, CA) dresses down Brigadier General Michael Walsh today because he called her ma'am instead of Senator.

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Read the article, it gives a good discussion on military protocol. Further, I am not saying that Miss Boxer does not deserve to be called Senator. I just have a couple of issues with this incident.

One, it's arrogant and belittling. This is a man who has spent his adult life serving his country and protecting morons like the good Senator and quite frankly, he deserves a little respect. I think this is nothing less than yet another display of disdain for the military by the left.

Second is this notion that she worked hard to get this title. What the Hell did she do other than campaign and be willing to sell her soul to the devil to be a Senator?


DaBlade said...

MAN, I'd love it if he would nonchalantly walk over to her and show her the butt end of his rifle for that. Snobby itch!

Always On Watch said...

Barbara Boxer is an arrogant idiot. I can't stand her.

Khaki Elephant said...

Agreed! In fact, I wrote about this one as well. Military protocol approves the terms "Ma'am" and "sir" . . . but I guess that doesn't matter to an arrogant fool who loathes the military.

mksviews said...

"I think this is nothing less than yet another display of disdain for the military by the left."

Course it is Chuck

That bitch probably thinks he was hired to be her servant or something.

If only the position of senator had to be earned, instead of being bought or obtained by being a lying, sack of crap.

What that fellow should have said to the angry witch is, oh i'm sorry senator boxer, my mistake, i thought i was talking to a lady.

sue said...

Sounds like she is being a little picky.

Z said...

First they force our soldiers to mirandize the enemy, now she can't take "ma'am", a term soldiers are taught in order to show full respect. Murtha calls them killers before he knows the facts, our beheaders can't have water up theirnose, and we expect the full and obedient service those wonderful people have always given. Go figure.
Odd, the women senators go around kissing colleagues, but don't like "ma'am". Seems like there's an odd connection there...

I'm so embarrassed of my senators, particularly this one, particularly since a CSPAN presentation with charts on which 1/8 of the words were misspelled. oh, brother

FairestWitness said...

Senator Boxer is insecure and petty. The man was addressing her with respect and she spit in his face. What right does she have to so disrespect a high-ranking military officer like that?

No wonder California is going broke. They elect total morons and boorish boobs to represent them.

Mustang said...

I think using the words Boxer and Boobs in the same comment box does a tremendous disservice to boobs.

The word “ma’am” is a diminutive form of the word “madam”; we should therefore conclude that the General's use of that word is most correct, given what it is that Barbara Boxer does for a living.

cube said...

I can think of a few choice words I'd like to call Boxer. If some whiny liberal had referred to her as m'am, she wouldn't have batted a plastic-surgery-lifted
eye. But because it was a military person, she just couldn't get past her visceral disdain.

Mustang: heh heh. Good one.

FairestWitness said...

Hehehe, Mustang, that's funny!

But seriously, I just don't understand liberals' disdain for the USA military.

I suppose they don't get how freedom is achieved and sustained. They think this country was founded by talk?

What about the Revolutionary War? They've conveniently excluded that history. And all the other wars fought and won to preserve our way of life.

Barbara Boxer is just plain stupid. What is it with California electing some of the dumbest broads on the planet?

LUCKY said...

I can't believe how she acted. She can sleep peacefully at night because of men like him protecting our nation.

To spit on him is to spit on what he does which is preserving and protecting the constitution of the United States.

Wait now it makes sense. Sense some legislators could care less about what our Constitution is and their vows to protect I can understand why they get upset at those who do.

And I like your insight Mustang as to why he called her Ma'am it gives me a new way to think of it. Kind of like when you say "cur" when you should say "sir"

Brooke said...

I'd like to have a few minutes to dress down this arrogant ass without her screaming over me.


Just more disdain for our soldiers from the left. SICKENING.

Chuck said...

Thanks all.

Fairest Witness, welcome. I was thinking the same thing, this whole thing makes her look insecure and lacking in confidence. A person comfortable with who they are would not worry about titles.

Z, I can sympathize, we have Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow.

I think one of the things I noticed from this is I did not hear her call him General. Respect works both ways.

Finally she is under the mistaken impression that respect is something one is entitled to. This is never true. Respect is something you have to earn. Being a Senator is not near enough in itself to deserve respect. If anything in view of how Congress has acted in the last few decades, being a Senator would be a detriment to getting respect.

Flavor Country said...

Wow!! Two wars, economy in the tank for over a year now,North Korea threatening war, Iran cheating out democracy, people unemployed for a year, gas and food prices going up......and the republican party chooses this as a important enough issue to take up a petition?

It would be nice if our elected officials stop the politics and do some work....real work instead of grandstanding and acting kids...both Democrats and Republicans.

I'm sorry to say this left hating the military stuff is old and has no traction anymore. The sixties are over....only far-left extremist may carry hatred for the military not the left as a whole.

Chuck said...

Flavor, I didn't say hatred, I said disdain and I believe this is what she showed. This was inexscusable.

As far the fact that there are other things to worry about, this is true. The flip side of that though is that this reasoning gives people like Boxer a pass to do what they please.

She simply should not have treated a General this way publicly. Since she did, she needs to be called on it.

The Pajama Underground said...

Perfectly fine for Democrats to say Bush's policies made us less safe despite lack of any evidence. Not so fine to question the Obamessiah's policies, even with very good evidence that they are making us less safe by the day.