Friday, June 19, 2009

No More Going Commando In Brooksville, Florida

Dressed to Impress

The city council of Brooksville, Florida recently approved a revised dress code for its employees. But the mayor says the new regulation goes too far.

The updated rules instruct city employees to use deodorant and wear underwear at all times. The city council approved the new dress code by a vote of 4-to-1.

The lone dissenter was the city's Mayor Joe Bernardini, who says the underwear provision: "takes away freedom of choice."

So what are your thoughts, protecting public interest or violating the employee's right to let it all hang out?


Flavor Country said...

If it was requiring the citizens to this it would be one thing, but these are employees. Companies and cities have dress codes and a variety of other rules that must be followed as an employee.

The deodorant thing I understand, but I'm not sure how they plan to enforce the underwear thing. I can see the lawsuits on that one already.

Mustang said...

One would think that people would have a proper sense of business attire, but the truth is that there are some who will try to get away with anything they can. So yes, businesses and government agencies have an interest in setting a proper standard for employees.

Ordinarily, I'd guess that underwear is not a problem unless there was also the absence of outer wear. Does this go too far? Unfortunately, probably not. People who wear skirts, for example, could expose themselves without underwear.

This may be good for morale among some males, but it is hardly decent. And it does answer the question, after all.

Leslie said...

I have no problem with companies or agencies placing a dress code on their employees but, I guess I too, have to will they enforce the underwear issue? Yes, I can see a lot of lawsuits coming from that one too.

mksviews said...

Forget the rights, how do you police this, are they going walk around telling men, drop yer pants boy. What about women, open your legs if they're wearing a skirt.

This is just nuts, it ain't for real is it, you pulling a fast one on us Chuck, say it ain't so Chuck.

Chuck said...

Flavor, my first thought is how are they going to police the underwear bit? How would you like that job, Underwear Inspector?

Mustang, my second thought was what a sad state of affairs that we have to tell adults to wear deoderant and underwear to work.

Leslie, we have very stringent dress codes at work (and we should). They even go as far as type of underwear allowed. But then we are health care professionals and having your nurse bend over and display the back of her thong showing above her scrubs does not instill confidence.

MK, by every indication it's real. I got this from but saw it on CNN at work yesterday.

Brooke said...

Can we get a law passed to require Nancy Pelosi to wear an underwire, or something?

Seriously, how are they going to know if you DON'T wear your drawers? Are they going to spot check?

Don't they have ANYTHING better to do?!?

Always On Watch said...

The updated rules instruct city employees to use deodorant and wear underwear at all times.

This has to be a stated rule?

Chuck said...

Brooke, underwire, LMAO

AOW, this is the most shocking thing about the story

mksviews said...

Thanks Chuck, seems like it's a real story.

I just can't get over the enforcement angle of this folks. We have parking-nazis, smoking-nazis, health-nazis and now we have panty-nazis. I thought i'd seen it all.

Always On Watch said...

When I was a school principal, I had to coach new teachers about proper dress. Some came in looking like sluts!

We finally came up with the rule: No slut dressing. One teacher was particularly incorrigible about the matter. She actually hired an attorney to protect her "right" to wear her stupid outfits.

Chuck said...

AOW, we used to have the same problem in the hospital until they cracked down on the dress code. It was amazing how nurses and docs that are supposed to be "professional" would dress. I don't have a problem with a strict dress code. A person can dress however they want outside of work but at work you are representing the hospital, or school, or city. You need to present a good image. Especially in profeesions like these.

sue said...

I read this post yesterday but didn't comment. I did think about it. We're getting in kind of a weird area here. The deoderant thing is not a problem to detect, but the underwear...I'm not sure how that is solved.