Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Page Out Of The Obama Media Playbook

U.N. Acknowledges Discussing 'Inaccurate Reporting' in Meeting

A U.N. spokeswoman acknowledged Thursday that five U.N. officials discussed what they believed was "inaccurate reporting" — specifically by FOX News, the Wall Street Journal and Inner City Press — in a meeting last month.

The spokeswoman, Michele Montas, confirmed during her daily briefing with reporters that the meeting had taken place following the publication of a memo from Under Secretary-General Angela Kane to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that referred to the discussion.

One day earlier, Montas denied that a meeting had taken place to discuss critical news coverage. On Thursday, she made clear that the subject was discussed, but it was not the purpose of the meeting.

She acknowledged to reporters that Ban had received the memo, adding that he had "absolutely no specific reaction" to it.

The memo read: "We propose writing to professional journalistic bodies which regulate the journalists concerned as well as letters to the Editors with copies to their Companies' Legal Counsel. Should DPI gather sufficient examples of inaccurate reporting, we can consider more formal legal responses such as 'cease and desist' or 'letters before action' sent by outside counsel."

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So now we have not only the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress working to squelch freedom of the press, we have to deal with the United Nations too. I don't think chilling is too strong a word.


shoprat said...

First Amendment Now More Than Ever.

mksviews said...

And i'm sure they could only find an inaccuracy over on FOX News, nothing at CNN, ABC, MSNBC etc, no sir, all good over there, nothing to question, move along.

I hope FOX highlights this to their viewers, that the left still hate their right to hear the truth and that some pissant organization outside the US is trying to muscle in on them.

Mustang said...

It really is difficult to imagine the arrogance of these liberal fascists, isn't it?

I would love to see a UN petition in the courts for a cease and desist judgment. Nothing would be a better catalyst for moving those thugs out of America.

But honestly, we haven't seen anything yet. If you think this is bad now, just wait ...

LUCKY said...

Yet another reason for me to dislike the UN. I actually presented a talk in college about why we should get out of the UN and about a quarter of the room was with me a half of the class looked at me with blank looks on their faces while the last quarter had looks of "you can't hate the UN."

I say we allow the UN to be an island unto themselves and push the UN into the East river and see if they can float on their own without our help.

Flavor Country said...

Help me out Chuck what is the Obama team doing to squelch the freedom the press? Not being funny but a serious question.

cube said...

Allowing debate only with those who agree with your point of view is no debate. The UN is in perfect unison with BO's view that no country is any better than any other country, including the US.

I say if the US is so bad, why do so many people want to live here?

Larry Durham said...

I'm all for evicting the UN corruptocrats and sitting their shit out on the street.

It's waayyyy past time we cut off that worthless organization.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, those were the days

MK, they didn't mean all innacuracies. They mean the stories about the raping of children and embezzlement of funds

Mustang, agreed. Also, why on US media? There's media around the world that is bein critical.

Lucky, kick them out

Flavor, I should have said media (as in radio) instead of press. He and Congress want to enact the "fairness doctrine". A blatant attempt at silencing the right. Now that this is an unpopular move, they want to quietly pass rules that will limit liscenses for radio stations that carry right wing talk.

Cube, why do all of the diplomats come and live in our sewer?

Larry, toss the stuff out and change the locks

Z said...

The BIG BRAVE UN "Montas did not respond to repeated requests by for an interview."
That says it all.

Amazing that only conservative venues got it wrong.....sort of like when Franken was losing and then suddenly all those ballots came up with ONLY HIS NAME on them.
Man, this world is just replete with coincidence, isn't it?

It's not surprising about the UN...I'm sure the groups like Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission are all tied in there, too...this is a BIG PLAN, takes big cooperation, Chuck. :-(

Chuck said...

Z, they certainly don't want any light shined on them there

Papa Frank said...

How is it that people have not yet learned that the UN hates the US?

Flavor Country said...

Chuck I think only two loser state congress people have even stated they want to the fairness doctrine.

Where has Obama stated he wants this. I have plenty of statements from him saying he doesn't want it, but none for it.

You know I am a fair guy, so show me some proof of that, other than some right-wing scare tactic programs.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Liberal media apparently held exempt.

Duly noted, U.N.

Always On Watch said...

The nutjobs at the U.N. would like nothing better than to become news watchdogs, better termed "censors"!

Then the U.N. can condemn all sorts of outlets, including the blogosphere, as Islamophobic, hate-speech sites.

Chuck said...

Papa, you think people would figure it out

Flavor, There may only be 2 congressmen calling for it but there are far more than 2 congressmen on record as supporting it.

Obama is publicly against the fairness doctrine because it is politically a loser but he has supported measures that undermine freedom of speech on the radio. Regulations and liscensing rules that make it harder for stations to carry shows like Rush. He claims he wants more local control, community ivolvement, etc. We both know what the end result will be, less Rush, more community organizers that support Obama.

It is an attempt to gain control of the media. My recent post addressed the same thing. Hugo Chavez didn't wake up one day and say "I'm going to take over the airwaves so that there are only stations supporting me", he quietly cut the opposition out with state take overs and regulations.

I genuinely am not comparing Obama to Chavez here but in my mind he is attempting to squelch dissent on the radio. He did the same during his campaign, sending out lawyers to harrass local radio personalities that were critical of him.

Wordsmith, like MK said, it's incredible that they couldn't find anu innacurate reporting at CNN and MSNBC. Everybody else does.

AOW, good point. They effectively have a policy of supporting Islam as the official religion of the UN