Monday, June 29, 2009

Political Pandering Raised To An Art Form

This story is a few days old but I cannot resist.

House Passes Milestone Energy, Climate Change Bill

I'll let you read the article but the intent behind this bill is summed up nicely by this passage here:

The legislation would require the U.S. to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020 and by about 80 percent by mid-century. That was slightly more aggressive than Obama originally wanted, 14 percent by 2020 and the same 80 percent by mid-century.

Way for them to take a stand. This bill will be incredibly detrimental to the economy, raising the cost of virtually every aspect of our life including food. No worry for the Dems though, some of them will be out of office by then (my suspicion is that the way things are looking a lot of them may be out f office next year). Those that are still in office will likely have a complicit media willing to shield them from any culpability.

So they can pander to their base and not have to pay the cost later. Any guess as to who picks up the tab for them?


Always On Watch said...

As if this household, like so many others, can take another financial hit!

slightly more aggressive than Obama originally wanted

Isn't that just wonderful?

Vote 'em out!

Flavor Country said...

First have to say I miss seeing the comic book looking Chuck :)

Secondly I'm on your side with the climate thing. None of this will do anything for the environment except help those who are working with these green companies and those politicians who get donations.

I love nature and our country needs to be taken care of, but this is all political.

Leslie said...

If ever there was a time for the people to become bolder and take more is NOW.

shoprat said...

First it's gotta pass the Senate which is iffy and then it's gotta pass reality. Just an excuse for the Obama to go after his enemies.

Papa Frank said...

These morons all need to be turned out to pasture. The sooner the better. Throw the bums out!!!

Chuck said...

AOW, it is a scary bill

Flavor, I thought I would give everyone something attractive to look at for a change.

Dead on about the bill. It's pandering, nothing more. Truth is, a lot of this is likley to be changed before it could be enacted anyways. This just gives them something to go back home with

Leslie, you would think

Shoprat, I think it's DOA in the Senate. Speculation is that is why it was so close in the House. Congressional members were not quick to go out on a limb for legislation that was not likely to become law anyways.

PF, problem is there is always another moron to take their place.

LomaAlta said...

Chuck. Eight RINO's voted for this bill, just enough to ensure passage. But you mentioned DEMs and RINOS are DEMS but get to pander to both sides of an issue.

I hope you are correct about it being DOA in the Senate. Don't forget we have RINO senators too, remember McCain?

LUCKY said...

I like the analogy that regards this legislation like a watermelon. A small layer of green on the outside to give the impression that it is for the enviroment, but totaly and throughly red on the inside.

This hasn't worked in other nations throughout the world. It has fallen on its face. It has caused massive unemployment in Spain. Think like 1 in 5 Americans out of work if it follows the same path here in the US.

It also caused electricty bills to increase over 25% in Germany.

I don't know about everyone but in a recession it doesn't seem like the greatest idea to increase how much people pay.

I am only hoping that

Jimmy Carter is to Ronald Reagan

as Barack Obama is to ____________

and that _______________ is what worries me because I don't know who's name will be there.

mksviews said...

I hear many saying that the global warming crap is over, that the people are waking up and it will not happen. I don't see that stopping these pollies from shoving more taxes on us in the interim. I just hope people wake up once they start seeing themselves pay extra for just about everything.

Z said...

Lucky..very neat WATERMELON analogy (though we know how THAT would be interpreted, come to think of it..) Great comment.

All good comments, right? It's a very dangerous bill which shows Obama's LIED to the American people..THIS IS NOT TAX?
..the lies never stop.

Leslie...stay tuned; people will get bolder.
And yes, I do believe this bill WILL NOT pass the senate any more than the amnesty bill last year...too many against it.
And this is WITH a media in the bag for it....people are getting it..slowly, but... (let's hope!)
Call/write, call/write, call/write!

LUCKY said...


The analogy isn't orginally mine. I saw Glenn Beck use it. But I still like it. I didn't want you to think I came up with it all on my own.

Brooke said...

Class warfare!

Making those without money suffer even more than the elite!

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, now they have Stewart Smiley too

Lucky, there's no rational thought here. It's like increasing regulations on automobiles, and therefore cost, at a time when the automakers cannot sell them

MK, gasp, the Goracle says it's still real though

Z, agreed. The watermelon analogy was great

Brooke, didn't recognize the picture. I was going to welcome you. You are welcomed here, of course. It is incredibly regressive. It will suck up any little bit lower income people have left over.