Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quote Of The Week

And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear

President Barack Hussein Obama, Cairo, Egypt, 6/4/09

It is not his job as President of the United States to fight against this no more than it is his job to fight against negative stereotypes of Israelis, South Americans, or the Finnish. His job is to protect the interests of America. If other duties such as showing tolerance and support of Islam do not interfere with this than he should by all means do it. All else pales though in comparison to his responsibility to America.

I have a crazy idea, let's let the Muslims fight against negative stereotypes of Islam. For suggestions on how to do this they could, say, not fly planes into our buildings murdering thousands of innocent people, maybe not behead as many captives as they do, or stop the death to America/death to Israel nonsense.

An even simpler way to start would be for all of these "moderate" Muslims we keep hearing rumors about to come out and tell the extremists to stop hijacking their religion.


Larry Durham said...

Barry is a real piece of work isn't he? Your point that "moderate Muslims" should step up to the plate is a good one. In my own rambling way I made that point at TBD this week.

Brooke said...

Amen, Chuck; you said it!

Chuck said...

Larry, I'm tired of the so called "moderate" Muslims not stepping up

Brooke, thanks

LUCKY said...

First off, I want it to be known that I agree 100% with Chuck that the President of the United States should protect American intrests first and foremost which, he is currently not doing by visiting other countries when we have a 9.4% unemployment rate at home. Maybe its that he realizes his solutions to the economy really don't work but that people all over the world love the idea of President Obama being a wonderful, multicultural, man who promises them the world. He should care about America, once ALL of our problems are fixed we can worry about the problems others face, but not until then.

With regards to moderate Muslims there are several problems. One of the biggest problems is that there is no single authority figure in Islam that can correct the interpretations of those Muslims who are radical. There is no one with absolute religious authority who can say, "You are interpretting the Koran out of context." Another problem that exists is that those who are moderate fear to speak out against the radicals because there dissenting opinions will be silenced one way or the other. Within Islam there is a reformation of types taking place with those who want to return Islam to its roots and those who want to keep it the same way. If the religious wars between Protestants and Catholics can be a forwarning I think that bloodshed will only increase as this divide in Islam increases.