Friday, June 12, 2009

Shepard Smith Seems A Little Sheltered

Shepard Smith is concerned about the e-mail he is getting from his viewers. He read one of these horrendous e-mails in the above video. I decided to wander over to The Huffington Post to see what was being said there.

This first one is on the David Letterman joke about the rape of Sarah Palin's 14 year old daughter.
He said that in defense of Bristol, actually, in an attempt to keep her pregnancy from becoming media fodder in the campaign.

Ah, but little did he know that Sarah will gladly use her challenged baby, her illegitimate grandson, her promiscuous daughter or any person or situation if she thinks it will keep her before the public eye. Watching Sarah like watching Michael Jackson's nose - you know it's ugly, you know it's not kind to look, but it is compelling in its horror or, in Sarah's case, in her boundless stupidity.

Then we have this one about Sarah Palin herself.
Sarah451 thinks she gets to define who is and who is not a Real American.

F ck the sl utty fasc ist.

For the love of Dog, she winked into the camera at a national debate.

She is an embarrassment and a threat to democracy.

This one requires no introduction.
I know what you mean - those jerks that started our country thought the only way to express their politics was violence, and look how bad that turned out...

When you deal with an enemy that only knows violence, violence is the only way to deal with them. You can't hug someone into submission that wants to kill you. We've been at war with the right for years now, and they keep killing us - Matt Shepard, abortions docs, civil rights leaders - but we're too dumb to know there's a war.

Sean Connery says in The Untouchables "Isn't it just like a (racial slur) to bring a knife to a gunfight?" Well, liberals have always brought the knife to the gunfight, and that's got to change

A little snippet on the Holocaust Museum shooting
The right wing creates, arms and encourages its old, white, male, Christian right-wing terrorists, but it's quick to throw them under the bus once they do what they have been relentlessly goaded to do by the fascist propaganda ranters. Then, suddenly, they're all "lone nuts" or, ludicrously, "leftists."

Finally, this
GOP- American Taliban

I think if Mr Smith thinks what he read was shocking, he needs to get out more.


Flavor Country said...

He was just bringing the balance to FOX news Chuck :)

Brooke said...

Oh, geez.

shoprat said...

And that hateful moron is on the "right wing" FOX news?

Chuck said...

Flavor, I just knew you would lead with this my friend. This is actually MSNBC's style of "balance"

Brooke, that pretty much sums it up

Shoprat, I don't have a problem with him pointing out hateful e-mails from the right, they do exist. My issue was the lack of balance. He did not live up to their billing of being fair and balanced.

Always On Watch said...

I avoid watching Shepard Smith whenever possible.

Z said...

I can't watch him anymore...I'm too busy being one of those rightwing nut bloggers who's destroying this country by having the audacity to request the truth and the hatefulness of not loving THE ONE.

Chuck said...

AOW, I have never been a big fan of him. Didn't have much of an opinion one way or another.

Z, gasp, demanding the truth.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

It's another Lib double-standard: Blame this nutball insane bad seed's actions on the GOP, while at the same time spewing hate speech. Go figure.

Chuck said...

PCC, funny thing is they were talking about all of the hate from the right, round and round it goes

mksviews said...

Get out more and hang the first left son.

There's a fair about of anger and hate out there, yes conservatives are angry, but we're not reaching for guns and weapons, at least not at the blogs i frequent. The hate, most of it, is over on the left though.

LUCKY said...

I read this and once again I was amazed by the intolerance of the left. They speak of the virtue of tolerance but they fail to live and embody it. I don't care what those who are to the left or right of me do.

If they want to give all their money to people to sit at home thats their choice. If they want to kill babies thats between them and God. If they want to have a multicultral kumbyah around a fire thats up to them but I'm not coming.

They should not expect me to sanction the government endorsing it.

One of the things that confuse me is how Aryan Nation and other groups like that are associated with the right. Does no one in the media remember what the Nazi where. Wasn't it somthing along the lines of the National Socialist Party.

Hating Jews, Blacks, and others is not Right Wing or Left it hatred pure and simple. When I think of the men and women who have commited attrocites who have been labeled right wing fanatics their actual beliefs are very far from those who I know who claim to be on the right.

Flavor Country said...

Lucky remember extremism on both right and left are not playing on the same field of sanity and humanity as the rest of us are.

Groups like the KKK are considered right-wing because of certain views like less government, controlled borders, pro-life, 2nd amendment rights etc.... but then of course they are hate filled pathetic racist, which I am sure you are not, hence they are extremist.

Me being liberal share some views with left-wing extremism like civil rights, clean environment, less religion in government etc... but I am no tree hugging hippie who drives a Prius and burns down homes because they were made with precious trees.

The media does a poor job with lumping extremism with conservatives and liberal thinking instead of just calling them sick fucks who need to be put away.

Chuck said...

I think the whole notion of labeling a lot of these guys either right or left wing is irrelevant. There are groups that are extreme and are clearly right or left wing, PETA, EarthFirst, some of the militia groups, etc. Most of the people that have been doing this stuff lately though are neither, they are just nutcases. A large part of the problem we are having is the media rushing to label them, often right wing but not always, without having the whole story. Once they have labeled them, they are then unwilling to admit they were wrong and run a correction.

Flavor Country said...

Agree 100% Chuck