Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Is A Fun Story

Horse and buggy chase ends in suspect’s arrest

LITTLE VALLEY—The driver of a horse and buggy led Cattaraugus County sheriff’s deputies on a three-mile pursuit through fields and woods early Monday morning, eventually abandoning the buggy and fleeing on foot.

It happened on Frank Road in Napoli, where deputies were investigating underage drinking.

Deputies reported they tried to stop the driver of the horse and buggy, but he drove the rig through fields and into the woods before jumping down and taking off on foot.

After searching without success for the driver, deputies took the horse and buggy back to a nearby home, and a young man was taken into custody.

Jonas J. Hershberger, 20, of Frank Road, was charged with overdriving of animals, reckless endangerment and obstructing governmental administration. Following arraignment in Little Valley Town Court, he was sent to the county jail in lieu of $250 bail.


To quote Weird Al.

"We're going to party like it's 1699."


shoprat said...

Never see that on COPS.

Z said...

THAT is funny

Miss T.C. Shore said...

"Overdriving of Animals" ... That kid's insurance rates are going to go sky high.

Brooke said...

Dang if you didn't put me in the mood for some Al.

He's going to have a new single on the 16th. I can hardly wait!

Chuck said...

Shoprat, it would be funny

Z, thanks

TC, I liked that part

Brooke, he's stupid and funny

mksviews said...


Nice one Chuck. Where do these idiots spring out from ey.

Northwest Minuteman said...

Awesome blog! Another one you might enjoy:

Leslie said...

Oh that is so funny! Youth gone wild.

Chuck said...

MK and Leslie, I just had to put it up