Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Times They Are A Changing

With apologies to Bob Dylan who was quite liberal, we are seeing a change in reporting and liberals are no longer free to act like idiots anymore.

The latest episode with David Letterman and his jokes about Sarah Palin's 14 year old daughter being raped by a professional baseball player is significant for more than just showing that Letterman's time has come and gone. The episode shows that liberals do not get a free pass anymore.

In the past incidents like these would have been ignored because the flow of information in this country was controlled by far left media organizations. In our new age of openness, Palin was on him immediately for attacking her daughter and it was being broadcast on (some) of the media.

There are two things happening here.

One is the above mentioned breakdown of far left dominance of the media. We now have Fox News which has a more even handed reporting. We have the Wall Street Journal being more widely distributed. We have conservative weeklies with stronger distribution. We have talk radio which is effectively dominated by right wing talk. Most importantly, we have the Internet.

The third law of physics says that for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. The folks in the media must have studied physics because with the rise of more balanced media outlets there has been a corresponding decline of the far left media.

I believe the Internet has been the death of the far left media. People are now getting the whole story instead of the portion of the story that the far left media has let sift through it's filters. Now that people are getting the real story on issues, they are turning their backs on the far left media and their biases.

The second thing that is happening is that conservative politicians are now being allowed to respond and are able to do it without ridicule.

In the past there was no outlet for a Sarah Palin to respond to a despicable attack like Letterman's. In the rare instance that she would have been allowed to respond on the network news it would have been: buried in garbage time on the broadcast, explained away beforehand by remarks from the anchor ("Palin outraged by harmless joke by Letterman"), the remark often would have been followed by derisive remarks and smirks by the broadcaster. The effect for years was the politician would be made to look like a nut and would therefore be punished politically for speaking up for themselves.

Other stories that would not have gotten the play they deserve are Nancy Pelosi's attack on the CIA, Barack Obama's filling his cabinet with tax cheats, John Murtha's bribery scandal of the week. Democrats hate Fox News because they are now being held accountable.

We are slowly changing things in the media in this country. We are not there yet though. If we had truly honest reporting in the media we wouldn't have had this.

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stormin said...

for the life of me i can't see anything at all that Sarah Palin is doing that is newsworthy. but yet the liberal media is just obsessed with her. i honestly believe that it's more that they FEAR her, rather then obsessed with her. i know that they know that she, more then anybody else, is going to rally the conservative voters of the Republican party. to me, she is the face the future, along with Bobby Jindal. she is the candidate of the tea-party voter. this is just the liberals getting a 4-year head start on destroying her now.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Who was the radio guy who came up with the Nappy Haired comment about some basket ball team. He is not on the radio any longer and the storm raged on that one for ages. His name just came to me Don Eimus. Don't know if that is how you spell his name, but I do remember how "terrible" his comments were.

Leslie said...

Chuck, hopefully, we will see continuing growth of this trend of real news getting out. Unfortunately, the libs do see this trend, fear it, and are taking aims at stopping it anyway they can. Let us hope American wakes up.

Flavor Country said...

for the life of me i can't see anything at all that Sarah Palin is doing that is newsworthy--Stomin

We agree on that one sir!

So what you are saying Chuck is that pretty soon conservatives can't continue to use that MSM biased card anymore?

Thank God!! I am all for that! Bring on fair and balanced across the board.

Chuck said...

Stormin, it's the lib m.o. destroy any her ahead of time

Gramma, it was Imus and he was a jerk but your right, there have been just as many horrible things said from the left except with no consequences

Leslie, they are waking up, and turing off the liberal media

Flavor, it is not a card, I have said this before, the hard evidence is overwhelming on which networks are biased. I'll give you one guess on which is the most balanced. Bottom line, the discussion over whether the networks, CNN, MSNBC, etc are biased is long over. I'm actually kind of stunned your still disputing this. You do watch the news, right? But don't worry, Obama and crew will enact the fairness doctrine and bring things back to normal.

Flavor Country said...

Chuck my old friend you reading me wrong. All I'm saying that if the days of conservative whining about media coverage is coming to an end, I'm all for it.

You know that I agree that the media is biased. I still don't see where Fox is the most balanced. One day when we are both off we can test that theory just by watching a Fox News day.

To me they are just as biased as anyone else, except for MSNBC, they are liberal cheerleaders.

Take Care all.

AirmanMom said...

this is my first visit to your blog and I will return to read you again soon!

Chuck said...

Flavor, the reason I say Fox is balanced is because they routinely present someone from both sides of an issue. They have basically the who's who of liberalism on the air and they are allowed to argue their point. This is unheard of on other sites. I don't dispute their people lean right.

Airman Mom, we are glad you stopped by and hope you do come bak.

Z said...

oh, man, Chuck...
I can't agree more; if we had an honest media, no WAY would obama have been elected.

I do think Letterman skated, thought....except I LOVE that Palin called him a '62 yr old sex pervert', or something very close to that. I was quite surprised at her response, FINALLY!

Yes, the internet's sort of holding the media's feet to the fire; but too many Americans still get their news from CNN and newspapers...
And, by the way; have you ever watched five full min. of Olbermann?
and the Left says RUSH IS MEAN? WHAT?

Chuck said...

Z, it is way past time Republicans fight back. In the pat they rolled over and played dead. That is why guys like Letterman have gotten away with what he does.

mksviews said...

Yes indeed Chuck, times are definitely changing, the MSM are going to have to fix themselves up real fast because as the country goes down the toilet and people start seeing a disconnect between what they see on the news and what's actually happening to them, they'll starting switching to those that are reporting the truth.

It's a pity the miserable bastards had to be forced into it though.

Chuck said...

MK, I don't care how it happens. I don't even want them to change, just go away

shoprat said...

All of this is why The Obama wants the fairness doctrine and more controls on the internet. We must never let him have them.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, agreed. Problem is, they are going to sneak the FD in through the backdoor.