Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

I got thrown off by my mini vacation and did not post a what do you think about this question yesterday. This week's is a good one.

Just do me one favor, this man has children and faced a tough time when his wife died so please be respectful with comments, agree or disagree.

Father Who Ditched Nine Kids Via Safe Haven Law Has Twins on the Way

The Nebraska man who abandoned his nine children under the state's Safe Haven law last year is expecting to become the father of twins, FOXNews.com has learned.

Gary Staton, 37, became a single father in February 2007 when his wife, RebelJane, died of a cerebral aneurysm shortly after giving birth to the couple's ninth child. Unable to handle the burden alone, Staton made national news more than a year later on Sept. 24 when he dropped off his children — ages 1 to 17 — at a hospital in Omaha. According to the law at the time, parents could hand children up to age 18 over to state custody without prosecution. Legislators would later amend the law to limit its reach to infants up to 30 days old.

Joanne Manzer — the wife of RebelJane's father, Jack Manzer — told FOXNews.com that Staton informed his children last week that he's expecting to become a father again with his new girlfriend, a woman named Gail.

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So, what do you think about this? What are your thoughts on his actions last year? What are your thoughts on having more children after what he did last year? Women are criticized for doing this after losing and/or abandoning their children, is there any difference when it's a man?


bluepitbull said...

I think this law proves that there is no responsibility in our society. They (the administration) attempt to take away the concerns of the common man and make him a sheep. We will see far worse things than this soon.

LomaAlta said...

Chuck, this wrong no matter who does it. If you have children they should be your primary responsibility.
If 9 were not enough, he is now fathering 2 more.

I bet that the taxpayer is footing the entire bill.

mksviews said...

Perhaps it's a good thing he abandoned the earlier 9 children, judging by his actions since then, they're better off now.

Can't really say anything else that's polite about this. Can't say much for the skull contents of the woman he's shacked up with now either.

Bryan said...

Is he not showing himself as a lover of his own self, without natural affection, a traitor, and unthankful?

Mustang said...

I’m not one of those people who think that couples must limit themselves to 2.5 children (particularly when our birth rate is insufficient to maintain our species), but I do think that family size must be limited by common sense. People should have the number of children they can afford to feed and cloth; the number they can love, manage, and supervise as they grow into adults. I think if a family can afford to send one child to college, but not both, then they had one too many children. Like that.

But honestly, I didn’t know that parents could give up their children. Had I known about this, my wife and I would have been free and clear long before the kids moved out on their own.

shoprat said...

It's sad but it's expected these days.

cube said...

I can't imagine how those poor children must feel being abandoned by their father, but seeing the caliber of character he exhibits, perhaps the children will fare better without him.

For him to turn around and have two more children is unconscionable. Frankly, I'm surprised he found woman who could stand to be in the same room with him. Why would a woman trust a man like that?

Z said...

MK said it all..exactly my thoughts.
Including the NOT polite stuff going on in my head.
This is disgusting.

Flavor Country said...

He did not violate any laws by doing what he did. At least the kids were taken care of.

Although if I as a father had to make that sacrifice and give up my kids the only thing I would be doing would be working on improving my situation to get them back.

Adding another child is irresponsible in my book. If that child he is having will be living with him, how come one or two of kids couldn't have lived there too?

sue said...

I can't believe he was able to ditch the nine children - just like that. And he has no contact or responsibility for them now?

He should not be starting his life over with twins, with nine existing children. Were the children adopted and separated?

Chuck said...

Bluepitbull, it really goes back to Roe v Wade. When you devalue the life of unborn children, how can you value the life of any others.

LomaAlta, agreed. You simply find a way to deal.

MK, sometimes you wonder if he did the kids a favor. As far as the new woman, dead on.

Bryan, I don't think there's room for anyone else but him

Mustang, this ha always been one of my beefs with welfare. We pay people to have more children. Most couples, me and my wife included, keep in mind thier financial situation when having children.

As far as the giving your kids up, we didn't make it to Nebraska before they changed the law.

Shoprat, sad but true

Cube, right. I wonder how the kids feel? "Sorry I didn't want you but I will do better this time"?

Z, it is hard to be civil

I just can't help but feel this is a symptom of our self-gratification culture we have developed in this country. It has become 'anything goes with no consequences'. We have taught our citizens that there is no personal responsibility for their actions. It's kind of the "do-over" mentality found in video games. Don't want your kids anymore? Just hit the reset button and get new ones. It's sad.

Thanks for the comments

Chuck said...

Flavor, agreed he was well within the law. But the idea of giving your son up would make you cringe. You would walk through hell for him. This is missing in some people.

Sue, they canged the law pretty quickly. It was a dumb law to begin with.

FairestWitness said...

Chuck, I think this shows what a total POS this man truly is. To hell with going easy on him. My God, his NINE children lost their mother and this jerk abandons them? Now he's impregnated his girlfriend with twins? Do you mean to tell me that this man didn't have vasectomy? Talk about a total lowlife!

And his girlfriend, what the hell is wrong with her? If she wanted to be a mother, why not take in the 9 motherless children her boyfriend already has? She sounds like she's a selfish, self-centered witch, too.

Where are these children now? Who is caring for them?

This father should be prosecuted for child abandonment, the expected of new twins proves it.

Lindsay said...

While I am for limited government, I think we need to have a law that if you have been charged with child abuse you loose your reproductive rights.

I understand that sounds a little bit like eugenics and Nazi-ism, and I don't mean that...but I can't think of a more effective way to get these creeps out of the world.