Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Independence Day: The Fourth of July!

Let us celebrate today- always be proud of who we are, while remembering and honoring those who have given their lives for us to remain free...

Note: I have a confession to make, this post was written by my wife, Brenda. She did it for me while I was at work today. It is a good way to introduce her because we will be working on some projects yet to be revealed (insert shameless plug to build interest here).

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe 4th and, more importantly, taking out a few minutes to marvel at the miracle that is America.

For some more great 4th of July reading and listening pleasure visit these wonderful blogs from some friends I visit regularly.

Mustang and Leslie did an incredible audio presentation on the "arrogance" of America and the truth that we have nothing to apologize for as a nation. This is incredible and more than worth the time to stop by and listen to it.

Finally, visit LA Sunsett if for no other reason than his great slide show set to Ray Charles' America the Beautiful.


stormin said...

ah yes ... this is a much better post in order to wish you a happy 4th of July and to thank you for all you do for the freedoms of this great nation.

Chuck said...

Stormin, thanks and Happy 4th to you, hope your having a good day.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Nice job, Brenda!

Happy Independence Day!

Z said...

Mustang's video is AMAZING, isn't it! And Leslie did a really good job.
Brenda, welcome to the blogosphere...Chuck's a favorite!

Hope you had a great Fourth!

Z said...

Hey, Chuck, that's a terrific conservative blog of an ER Physician...thought you might be interested, if you don't already know it....there's another video I know you'll all like.

Chuck said...

Wordsmith, thanks (from both of us). Brenda is joining me in a few days

Z, they both did a great job. Thanks for the link, I'm heading over.