Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"But I think it's fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry," Obama said. "No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And No. 3 -- what I think we know separate and apart from this incident -- is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact."

Barack Obama, July, 22nd


As most know, this was in reaction to Cambridge police arresting Harvard professor Henry Lewis Gates for disorderly conduct during a call in which they were responding to reports of a possible breaking and entering at his home.

This was after Obama admitted he did not know all of the facts of the case.

I have two thoughts on this.

First I think it is more support for the notion that Obama was simply not qualified for the Presidency. This was an amateurish statement to make. He made several mistakes with this statement, any of which should not have been made.

-He should not have inserted himself in a local issue. While it could be argued that this involves racism, which is clearly a national interest, other than the professors allegations there is no evidence as of yet of racism in this case.

-He should not have made a statement on something in which he did not know the facts. Just a bit of advice, when you have to start a sentence with "I don't know all of the facts", shut up. A sentence that begins like this never ends good.

-He should not have painted an entire profession with the same brush, especially when members of the profession risk their lives to protect us.

While I do not believe he meant to, his statement maligned all police officers in the country.

My second thought is more simple. I believe his statement was racist.

Obama had no evidence that this was a racist incident yet he immediately took the word of a black professor and called his white arresting officer a racist.

Or, put another way, he did not know there was racism involved but he immediately assumed there was because the case involved a white officer arresting a black man.

Bottom line, racism works both ways.

Obviously, if it is found that the officer had racist motives, he should be punished.

What happens to a President though if it turns out he is acting as a racist?


Matt Rose said...

I can't stand people demogoguing cops from the comfort of their living rooms or work cubicles.

Z said...

Ah, heck, Chuck, Obama just wanted to be like John Murtha with his Haditha over (and, finally, WRONG) reaction, remember?

Cops put their lives on the line and, while there are some rogue cops (I live in LA..!), they need to get more respect and more leeway to do their jobs...lately, it's "free the perp and sue the cop"
That kind of mentality has to stop...

WHEN are we going to start erring on America's side again?

Leslie said...

I will add one more thought to your list of excellently stated points as to Obama's motives (which I agree to be true):

--Obama is forever campaigning. With his statement including the reference to Latinos, he sent a message to the people he is pandering to for their support and votes.

Mostly though, his words represent his racist belief system as well as the attributes he lacks to hold the office of President of the United States.

Always On Watch said...

Last night, I had a long phone conversation with my politically savvy friend Warren. Warren pointed out that BHO's press conference of July 22, like all of his press conferences, was scripted and that BHO's numbers were falling at the time of the conference.

Warren said to me, "He was trying to re-energize his base."

Well, that little move backfired.

I agree with you, Chuck, that BHO's statement was racist. And he was playing the race card in an attempt to hold onto power from the black community. I think some in that community are faltering in their support of BHO these days -- the handouts didn't come through.

Always On Watch said...

It's not demogoguing cops.

And let's not do the converse, either: demonizing cops.

Chuck said...

Matt, I read your post at your site on this. Your comment here is a little confusing but your post is as clear as a bell. Let's blame the police and the press for trying to embarass Obama. When are you guys going to get it, Obama doesn't need help embarassing himself.

I work with cops on a regular basis, Obama couldn't tolerate a fraction of the shit they put up with on a daily basis.

Finally, you stated at your site that the prof was being punished for exercising his free speech rights. Harrassing the police and making false accusations is not a legally protected right.

Z, agreed. See above. There are obviously bad cops, like there are bad Presidents. We can't lump them all together though.

Leslie, well put. The interesting part is that there was a black and latino officer in on the arrest, both agreeing with it

AOW, the reality is that this whole thing blew up in his face.

I did hear an interesting analysis on Fox. The take on there (maybe Krauthammer) was that this was more classist than racist. Obama made the automatic assumption that a college professor has more credibility than a beat cop. While I find this food for thought, and it does fit in with the liberal arrogance he often displays, I still go with racism.

Final note, I do find it interesting that now that the officer is talking about filing a slander suit against the prof, the prof all of a sudden wants everybody to drop the whole thing.

I would like to see the cop sue the prof. A win on a case like this may finally start to bring an end to the endless misuse of the race card.

While racism needs to be stamped out, so does the practice of constantly using it in any situation in which a minority does not get their way.

MK said...

"He should not have painted an entire profession with the same brush...."

The leftist in him is shining brightly through. Remember how leftist scum tarred all the troops because of gitmo? Different victim, same vicious leftist tarring.

Always On Watch said...

What happens to a President though if it turns out he is acting as a racist?

A black President will not be linked overtly with the words "racism" or "racist." But approval ratings are another matter.

shoprat said...

Perhaps non-whites do get stopped more but why? And also which groups are more often the victims of these people. Black on Black crime is astonishing at its levels. Hispanics are improportionally the victims of crime as well. One would think that these groups would want law enforcement for their own protection.

Chuck said...

MK, you see pictures of Abu Ghraib on the news more than you do pictures of troops playing with children and handing out candy. Which do you think has happened more?

AOW, agreed and the numbers having been showing it

Shoprat, from proffesional experience I can tell you that you could not be more right.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

It was a teachable moment....for Obama. Unfortunately, he's too arrogant to see it.