Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome To The Nicer Side Of Chuck Thinks Right

My wife Brenda Jean has been a blogger for awhile, longer than I've been. She has a couple of blogs including A Garden of Grace & Whimsey, and In The Treetop.

Until now we have not collaborated much because her blogs are, shall we say, different than mine. In fact one could say hers are actually civilized where mine, not so much.

We have decided though to put our differences aside and join forces to work on a new project. We are currently working together on new websites that we hope to launch in late July to early August. To that end, Brenda is starting a new blog and we are teaming up to make them companion sites.

We will not likely cross-post much because she tells me, and I quote "I'd rather stick a needle in my eye than debate politics." and therefore tries to stay away from my blog. Something about liberals making her cry and the ugliness of politics, I wasn't listening very closely. Her new site though, On The Front Porch, will be complimentary. Just not with all of the gnashing of teeth, foul language, and recriminations.

While she does not share my affinity for politics, she is a fellow conservative and she very much does share my love of America and all it has to offer. Her focus on her new blog will in fact be to share all of the wonders of America, be it to highlight something special that she has read or heard about or sharing our family's personal experiences as we move through life as proud Americans.

Think of it as a kinder, gentler Chuck Thinks Right.

Brenda actually started posting on her site Saturday. I want to re-post her original blog here as way of introduction.

I Love the USA

As I start this new blog, I've been doing a lot of thinking about patriotism, history and America in general. I often feel like it's cliche to "love living in the U.S.A." but how else can I express my feelings about where I live? I live in rural America with my husband, our three kids and our three cats. I'm free to express myself, to raise my kids as I see fit, to spend or not spend the money we make, to work our land if we wish and travel as time and money allow. I love living in America. When I volunteer at my daughter's school and we say The Pledge of Allegiance, I never take it for granted. It never offends me, or makes me feel uncomfortable.

Why am I telling you this in my first blog post? I want you to know where I'm coming from. I know we live in an imperfect world, but I believe as Americans we are strong when we gather together to solve the problems in our communities, our schools and our country. This blog will not only celebrate the good in our country, but I will share resources for those in need, including troop support, community outreach, tools for parents and grandparents, and much more. I tend to get a little whimsical at times. We laugh a lot at our house, so I'll be sharing fun stuff for kids and parents too.

My husband is a political nut junkie blogger over at
Chuck Thinks Right. We also work on Stand Beside together, and it's getting a little overhaul as you will see in the coming weeks. Chuck also has another surprise in the works but my lips are zipped on that, so don't tell him I said anything.

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Z said...

Thanks, Chuck. I just bookmarked her site under BRENDA OF CHUCK ON THE FRONT PORCH I REMEMBER! heh!

WOnderful home pretty, and some really nice writing. It'll be an oasis from our politics I will look forward to. Even if she throws some politics in.
Your boys are ADORABLE.

Randy said...

Chuck, your wife sounds a lot like mine. I've suggested she start reading the blog....

Flavor Country said...

I look forward to your collaboration. I will check out your wife blog. I will really like it if she will he willing to debate about her post though.

You know I like to argue :)

Chuck said...

Z, thanks. It's nice if you like that kind of thing :-)

Randy, thanks

Flavor, she's not like us. She primarily argues with me. Of course if it's her telling the story, it's me arguing with her.

DaBlade said...

I wasn't listening very closely...

Is your arm bruised after that? Mine would be! It's nice to see some sanity exists in the ThinksRight family :) Nice blog!

Brenda Jean said...

Thanks everyone:) By the way, I don't debate or argue. Nope. I can do sarcasm quite well though, but if you try to make me argue I'll just get all weepy and ignore you. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Or I'll just make Chuck reply:) That's why I married him, that and he likes bartering with sales people and I hate it. Well there was a couple other reasons too...

disa said...