Friday, August 28, 2009

The First Step Is Admitting Your Party Members Are Stupid

Key Democrat Suggests Party Moderates Acting 'Brain Dead' in Health Care Debate

WASHINGTON -- A key House liberal suggested Thursday that party moderates who've pushed for changes in health care legislation are "brain dead" and out for insurance company campaign donations.

Moderate Blue Dog Democrats "just want to cause trouble," said Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., who heads the health subcommittee on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.

"They're for the most part, I hate to say brain dead, but they're just looking to raise money from insurance companies and promote a right-wing agenda that is not really very useful in this whole process," Stark told reporters on a conference call.


I don't know about you but I think this has got to get those Blue Dogs to come around and join the rest of the Democratic party to pass health care reform. If anyone in the Democratic party has any brains, hold your hand up (and wipe the drool from your chin).


cube said...

I don't trust the blue dogs any farther than I can spit. I think they're playing political games for the benefit of their constituents, but will capitulate in the end and vote with the rest of their party.

Come election time, they'll swear they didn't know "X" was in the bill or they'd never have voted for it. The loyal democrats will vote them back into office and we'll be stuck with Obateddycare.

da patriot said...

What Mr. Stark really meant to say is that the Blue Dogs are stupid because they are still laboring under the delusion that they represent the people, rather than the State.

In my experience, calling someone ‘stupid’ is not much of an argument to persuade them to come over to your way of thinking. But, as we all know, the liberal brain is wired differently.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

They need to think with the other side of the their brains for a change.

Chuck said...

Cube, I agree on the not trusting part but I think they will lose their jobs over it. A lot of them are in moderate or slightly right leaning districts with voters that are getting real restless

Patroit, it is an odd way to make friends

PCC, some part of it at least

MK said...

Goes to show doesn't it, you can't trust them either, leftists always stick together.

Z said...

I can't get past the "Wipe the drool from your chin" ..sorry.
I BADLY needed a laugh and that set me off!

Chuck said...

MK, they're even turning on themselves

Z, thanks

Always On Watch said...

With Teddy just buried and the Party seeming concerned about his legacy [spit] and all the concern about the "crisis" of the coming swine-flu epidemic, I think we're going to be seeing health-care reform passing into law and taking effect by January 1, 2010.

I don't trust the Blue Dog Dems.

Chuck said...

AOW, I have heard this thought before and it is obviously a real concern. I wonder though, there is so much cynicism among the public now about health care that it is possible that they may not get this past the public