Friday, August 14, 2009

Go Flag Yourself

Hat tip to Left Coast Rebel for the video.

As we all know, the Obama Administration has launched a website asking all good comrades to report any suspicious activity by their fellow citizens in regards to health care reform protesting. Obviously, this is insane and a blatant attempt to stifle the 1st Amendment rights of free speech and peaceful assembly.

What the video is suggesting is that we report ourselves.

This is a really good idea and will likely cause two factors to combine to shut the site down.

It could overwhelm the site.

It would show the public how utterly ridiculous this website is.

So, watch the video and then Go Flag Yourself.

Pass this on, get the word out.

BTW, the link for the White House is


Chuck said...

I flagged myself and it was quite pleasurable.

"I would like to flag myself.

I am a conservative blogger, my site is Chuck Thinks Right and I am against the President's health care reform. Further, I post views that are contrary to the President's and have even gone as far as posting the truth. This is something that cannot be tolerated in our new era of change and openness in government.

Chuck Thinks Right"

Larry Durham said...

I flagged myself and I got a Chris Mathews tingle running up my leg!

See you guys in the gulag!

Always On Watch said...

I read in the news yesterday that letters to the House of Representatives have been so numerous that the site crashed. **smile**

LASunsett said...

Well, I'll be flagged. Flag you, Chuck. In fact, flag you all.


LASunsett said...

Oh and by the way, maybe the Michigan football team will get flagged a lot this year too.


Chuck said...

Larry, just relax and breathe deeply

AOW, saw that, could see the same on the WH site

LA, you can flag me but don't mess with the Wolverines :)

MK said...

Nice one, here's to hoping those wankers site crashes and burns.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I flagged myself as soon as I heard about it. Cannot believe the insanity.
Am waiting for the commrads with arms to appear at my door.

Leslie said...

I'm going to flag David Axelrod, since he keeps sending me emails...and trying to brainwash me.
This is a great idea! I read that the site is overloaded too. So funny. Who do these people think they are messing with? LOL

Chuck said...

MK, agreed

Gramma, the Obamamots are coming to take you away

Leslie, it's fighting back