Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Winning The 2010 Congressional Elections Without Risks

I was reading an excellent post by Leslie at Blunt Politics and I started thinking about whether Republicans winning the 2010 elections are not without some risks to the country.

While it is still not certain we will retake Congress in 2010, I think we will take at least one chamber, it is certain we will significantly cut into their margin of control.

In fact I think we will likely retake enough seats next year to at least curtail any power the Democrats have.

While I am obviously in full support of this, I think it will get interesting.

There are a lot of people on the left who are really insane. Read the comments at HuffPo or watch some of the whackjobs from the left on MSNBC or CNN. I know it is popular to rant on and on about the racist gun-toting white supremacist on the right but there are some really scary people on the left.

The difference with these extremists is that they are, not unlike Islamic extremists quite frankly, believers.

These people see something in Obama that a lot of people on the left and in the middle cannot and that people like us will never see (and would not want to).

I think there is a sizable portion of the left that see him as deliverer, someone they have been waiting for for a long time.

People like this are scary.

Also, I do want to be clear here in that I do not believe the majority of the Democratic party is like this. I happen to believe that most Democrats, while wrong, are not a lot different than most Republicans. We have differing opinions but at the end of the day we want the same things for the country, economic stability, safety from terrorism, etc. We just have different ways to achieve these goals.

There are some though that are just plain out there.

Look no further than the behavior of the left for the last 8 years.

So, back to the 2010 elections. If we retake part or all of Congress or make enough of a dent that they cannot push their far left agenda, we may see more than tea parties or screaming at health care forums, we may see actual violence.

I could see an uptake in racial riots. While most blacks will be appalled at this type of activity, there is enough of that insanity among them to cause a lot of trouble. The Black Panthers of 2009 election fame are actively expanding their organization.

We will see anarchists popping back up again with a vengeance.

We all laugh at the global warming whackjobs but there are seriously crazy people in that movement.

Finally, part of the danger here is the media. They really are not reporting all of the events done from the left and so the general public is not aware of the risks.

Read this:

Left-Wing Extremist Plot to Bomb RNC Leads to Copious National Media Coverage, Hand-Wringing Over Dangers to Republic

It's a year later and I didn't even hear about this until the woman made the news on Drudge for threatening the informant. This was an active threat to fire bomb the RNC. Where the Hell was the media? If this had been a militia attempting to bomb the DNC, the media would have gone ape shit. We would still be seeing coverage a year later.

So, while I want the GOP to retake Congress in 2010 and the Presidency in 2012, I think it is likely that some will not take it very well.


shoprat said...

We have two groups that demand what the other will not accept, and I admittedly belong to one of these (the right). I guess it's inevitable though I would rather not see violence.

Leslie said...

Interesting take, Chuck. I had this thought on the 2012 elections if the Republicans put up a decent candidate that conservatives and middle of the road voters could get behind and beat Obama, but I had not thought about an extreme response to a flip in congress.

You are right, there are a LOT of crazies out there who wouldn't like that; just look at all the ACORN non-sense and as you mentioned the Black Panthers... as well as those who are lobbying for power and the advancement of their agenda, who have a wide opening with Obama and the current congressional structure...

Yes, very interesting thought...a flip in congress would mean the power slipping out of Obama's hands (and the nefarious powers behind him)certain groups won't like that...

Leslie said...

Oh and thank you for the mention and link :D

Chuck said...

Shoprat, we all demand our way politically. The difference is what you are willing to do and give up to get it. There are nuts on the right too but I think there are more on the left

Leslie, thanks for the inspiration. ACORN is a good example. George Soros knows no bounds and has money to make trouble.

MK said...

There are whackjobs on both sides, but there are a lot more whackjobs on the left.

"I think it is likely that some will not take it very well."

That much you can be sure of, leftists by nature do not tolerate difference well. Look at any country where they are in charge. They never have and they never will.

DaBlade said...

I hope you're right in that conservativism rebounds and Republicans make inroads in the current whackjob majority.

Chuck said...

MK, agreed

DaBlade, I think it is almost certain they will make inrroads, the unknown is how much

Always On Watch said...

You may be correct about the reaction from some on the left. They won't take kindly to losing power.

Chuck said...

AOW, it's just a little scary

HoosierArmyMom said...

OK, here I am to give my take, whether anyone wants to hear it or not. I think Obama has chose to drag his feet on bring home troops because he is afraid of our military. It is obvious that he does not support them, and traditionally, most military are right leaning in their views.

There is also a reason that leftistas find it easier to support the anti-war movement and the far left can be traced to the anti-war protesters of the VN War era. They are all inherently cowards, IMHO. I will put my faith in Americans who understand what the "Oath" to defend the Constitution and the people of this country really means and who have and are willing to go in harms way to keep that oath. This also includes the families from coast to coast the love, support and stand by the men and women who have served and who currently serve. Roll in law enforcement and firemen... they take the oath as well to protect America and it's citizens.

In the end, I think people who lean toward the traditional American values, be it either party, will come forth and take this nation back. Just my thoughts on the subject, and my thinking does give me hope. Then I go out to the Oath Keepers site to remind myself that good people in this country are still out there.

Chuck said...

Hoosier, your opinion is always welcomed here. One thing the Dems have done to neutralize the effect of the military being right leaning is to simply not count all of their votes.

Tina Hemond said...

The current administration's multitude of mistakes, (in concert with a like-minded house and senate), will allow the voters to change the make-up of both houses in 2010 - should that happen - the worst case is that nothing, repeat, nothing will get done, which could be a good thing - what I'm most concerned about is the following - should the general public get fed up or pushed too far (and it appears this is happening), the backlash may result in an armed insurrection against the current government - in a word, a second revolution - then what? Although highly unlikely, it is out there - what with the administration’s plans to control internet access (article here) control the airwaves (See FEC Diversity CZAR) (two must read articles) this lends to the perception that the administration intends to throw the Constitution to the wind, and in effect, create a new socialist America - thoughts on this Chuck?

Chuck said...

Tina, I think an armed revolt would be exactly the wrong thing to do. (not implying you support one, just responding) I think this would give him the excuse he needs to radically change our government. I am not one prone to conspiracy but you do have to find it interesting that he now is gaining the authority to take control of the internet in an "emergency"?