Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meet John Holdren

John Holdren is the "Science Czar" for the Barack Obama administration.

While he is not exactly a household name, it is worth knowing who he is. He has had some very interesting views in the past about, among other things, population control.

Of course the Obama administration says this was all in the past and we should not hold him to his past views. This kind of like saying that a domestic terrorist committed his deeds in the past and should be excused now because he is a changed man.

Anyways, Fox did a nice little summary of his views here. Wander over and take a look.


Khaki Elephant said...

I just love how Obama keeps appointing these radicals to unelected positions of power. So comforting to know that America now has more Czars than McDonald's drive-thrus . . . come to think of it, that's where most of them should be working.

Always On Watch said...

Sadly, most Americans incorrectly believe that Holdren will not affect their lives.

The walls of tyranny are closing in!

Z said...

Ya, Van Jones is an avowed communist, but that's apparently "just in his past", too..he's a GREEN ADVISOR to OUR PRESIDENT.

Where's Obama getting the budget? Is there a line item in the WH budget for CZARS? Imagine half of America thinks you're a socialist and you use the word CZAR for your thuggers? WOW

YOU 'meet John Holdren'...I sure don't want to (except if I could get close enough..heh heh!!)

Chuck said...

Khaki, so much for the checks and balances the Dims have been complaining about the last 8 years

AOW, he may not have a direct effect butr what is scary is how many of these nutcases Obama has appointed, that speaks volumes about him

Z, nice point about the czars and socialism, (nervous laugh and sigh)