Monday, August 31, 2009

What Do You Think About This?

I posted on this a couple of days ago but it was only up briefly. It is a story that has been in the news lately.

Lockerbie bomber 'set free for oil'

The British government decided it was “in the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom” to make Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, eligible for return to Libya, leaked ministerial letters reveal.

Gordon Brown’s government made the decision after discussions between Libya and BP over a multi-million-pound oil exploration deal had hit difficulties. These were resolved soon afterwards.

The letters were sent two years ago by Jack Straw, the justice secretary, to Kenny MacAskill, his counterpart in Scotland, who has been widely criticised for taking the formal decision to permit Megrahi’s release.

The correspondence makes it plain that the key decision to include Megrahi in a deal with Libya to allow prisoners to return home was, in fact, taken in London for British national interests.

My point in the last post was that Obama would not have the stones to do anything about it. Forgetting Obama for now, it's hard but you can do it, what do you think about this?

Specifically, what should the United States' response be? Should we have sanctions against any of the countries, the United Kingdom, Scotland, or Libya? If we should, who and in what way?


Brooke said...

So much for the whole "no blood for oil", eh?

I'm not sure what sanctions should be enacted.

Definitely, anyone whose fingerprints are on this should be in jail for life.

Or, put in a room with the victim's families.

Dave Miller said...

I am pretty sure we will ultimately find out that indeed, he was freed in some sort of swap for oil.

That being said, isn't it also the policy of the US, or at least the desired policy of many people here, to act unilaterally in our own interests, without regard to how others may view that?

If this is truly what happened, Britain is just taking a page out of our recent playbook and telling the rest of the world they can take a hike.

A self motivated action, pure and simple.

shoprat said...

And they say that petroleum industries are in the pockets of the far right. What a laugh.

MK said...

What's more worrying is that many westerners are not seeing the big picture here.

30 years ago a 3rd world shithole like Libya wouldn't dream of making demands of an America or Great Britain. Today Britain, a first world military power, bows and scrapes to a 3rd-world dictatorship and America a superpower issues some wiffle-waffle about, we told them but they wouldn't listen. What happened in between. Much of the western world has the means to dominate a Libya or Iran, but we have lost the will to do so.

This is a sign of things to come, westerners had better be prepared to dance to the tune of thugs and gangsters.

Chuck said...

Brooke, I agree with all except I am leaning towards needing to impose some sort of sanctions, even if symbolically.

Dave, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Maybe the next time the UK needs their ass drug out of the fire we should look the other way if it is not in our best interest to help them?

Shoprat, gotta love it huh?

MK, well said. It also doesn't hurt that a significant part of Europe is under Islamic law.

LomaAlta said...

I think a squad of Rangers or Delta Force members should be sent to arrest and return (by any means possible, still resisting or quiet forever) mass murder Megrahi and return him to justice in the US.

We have the ability to do this at any time. Do we have the will?

Chuck said...

LomaAlta. No, not anymore

DaBlade said...

I'll be content if we can just keep our president from bowing deeply to al-Megrahi and Muamar Qadafi. I figure that's progress.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, come on, you know he tripped when he was trying to kiss his ass.

Z said...

have you heard gossip that he's not really sick at all? That would be something, huh? I think that's probably a little extremist conspiracy stuff, but......

I'm just glad Qadaffi can't set his Bedouin tent in New Jersey...pity the poor man who can stay in the most expensive hotel in NYC and mourns not staying in a stinkin' tent? geeeez

Dave Miller said...

Dablade, were you just as upset when when Pres. Bush kissed the Saudi Prince on the lips or walked with him holdinh hands as you were/are with Obama?

Chuck said...

Z, Libya's saying he is sick???

Dave, I won't speak for DaBlade but many of us conservatives were upset with that. You do have to be smart enough to know the difference betweeen holding hands (a show of respect) and bowing (a sign of subservience) though.