Friday, September 18, 2009

Fox Taking It To The Fringe Media

Note: I heard Glenn Beck use the term "fringe media" today and liked it. It's very descriptive. I have decided to adopt it, with full credit to Beck.

Fox News Ad Draws Protests

A provocative full-page newspaper ad from Fox News drew heated reactions from its rivals today and one demand that The Washington Post apologize for running it.

Over photos of protesters gathering for an "anti-tax" rally in Washington last Saturday, the ad asked: "How Did ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN Miss This Story?"
ABC spokesman Jeffrey Schneider described the ad as "outrageous and false." NBC spokeswoman Lauren Kapp said that "the facts . . . prove it wrong." CNN spokeswoman Edie Emery called the ad "blatantly false."
Fox's view is that the ad refers to the other networks' missing the larger story, not failing to cover the demonstration itself -- although the photos suggest that the headline refers to the protest. "Generally speaking," Michael Tammero, Fox News's vice president of marketing, said in a statement, "it's fair to say that from the tea party movement . . . to ACORN . . . to the march on 9/12, the networks either ignored the story, marginalized it or misrepresented the significance of it altogether."

It's about time the fringe media has a spotlight shone on them.

This is actually going to be a study in irony though. Fox will get attacked by the media and the rest of the left for being misleading and false but the discussion will turn to the fact that the media are shills for the Obama and the left. The best defense of this for the rest of the media would be to leave it alone but they won't. This my friends is called arrogance and it is what will bring the fringe media down.

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cube said...

The ancient Greeks called a character's fatal flaw "hamartia" and I do believe hubris will be the hamartia of BO and his minions.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

The MSM can get as defensive as they want. The fact remains that they missed the real story.

Actually, they didn't miss it. They noticed it, loud and clear.

They just chose not to report it.

I worry for our nation.

Chuck said...

Cube, agreed but our gain

PCC, ignored is the word your looking for

LomaAlta said...

Are the MSM so biased and pro government (like Bahgdad Bob, Pravda, and von Ribentrop) that they are irrelevant and should be ignored?

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, I think so. I think they have become so biased that they are no longer part of the debate.

Z said...

I HADN'T SEEN THAT! OH, Chuck, what a find! I'm still smiling after reading that poster and their INDIGNATION!

I hope they bring something like this up every time the media misses something! OH, never mind, then FOX wouldn't have time to get us the facts anymore, they'd be too busy printing posters! :-)

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Awesome ad!

Chuck said...

Z, Fox should do it every time, it should be their new advertising campaign. Let the other networks put their bias record where their mouth is.

FOX wouldn't have time to get us the facts anymore, they'd be too busy printing posters!

that was funny

Wordsmith, agreed, it's great

shoprat said...

They are finally being called on their bias and best of all, more and more Americans are waking up.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, agreed

MK said...

Good on ya Fox, about time someone took the branding iron to the MSM, they've had it coming for a long time.