Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Irony Defined

School Bus Carrying Swim Team Dives Into Pond

A school bus carrying a Texas high school swim team slid off a road and into a pond on Monday.

The swim team coach, eighteen students and the driver were able to get out of the bus and swim to safety.

The driver and five students were transported to local hospitals with minor injuries

My kids ride the bus so a bus accident is a scary thought for me. With that said, this is just too ironic to have a swim team be the ones who have their bus go into the water. My bet is that once they got over the scare of sliding in the bus, this will be something to laugh about later.

I hope none of these kids are truly injured and I hope they get back into the water soon.


cube said...

Thank goodness they're all OK.

My youngest left the swim team for crew so I still worry about water safety. And riding in school buses. And everything else under the sun ;-)

The worry never ends.

shoprat said...

When I was in High School one of our buses fell over on its side due to wind and road conditions. I wasn't on it, but was nervous until we learned that no one was hurt.

Chuck said...

Cube and Shoprat, ours kids ride the bus, I worry all of the time. I was at work in the ER one morning when I got word that a school bus crashed, I practically knocked people over getting to a TV to see which school it was. We were fortunate on 2 parts, it was not my kid's school, and no kids were injured.

MK said...

Yeah it's as good as it can get. I sometimes joke that if you have an accident, the best place is outside the hospital. Or if you must get hit by a vehicle, best thing is an ambulance or near one.

Chuck said...

Actually MK, I was walking out to my car at work one night from the hospital and a man was down in the street from a gun shot wound (I work in a great neighborhood). The ambulance crew just did a scoop and run right into the ER.