Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Media All Of A Sudden Has No Interest In Political Rallies

Just a quick question.

How much have you heard about the riots, er, I mean political demonstrations in Pittsburgh this last weekend?

The city police had to battle with leftist anarchists smashing windows and creating general mayhem.

This is a story largely ignored by the media yet put a grandmother or a soccer mom at a health care town rally and have them say they think socialized medicine is a bad idea and the media has a story to fill the summer.

See any disparity here?

Finally, where is Nancy Pelosi, or Steny Hoyer, or Harry Reid, or David Axelrod, or Rahm Emanuel, or Barack Obama, or Robert Gibbs, or...you get the point. Having Grandpa stand up and express concern about losing his health insurance and Grandpa is un-American but none of these people had a problem with bored little rich liberals trashing a beautiful city.

Just more evidence that liberals and their PR wing the main stream media are all mentally ill.


MK said...

They're not mentally ill, they know what they're doing, doing whatever it takes to further their agenda.

Lying, smearing, dishonesty, anything, nothing's off the table.

Z said...

good point; the G20 protests were barely covered; arrests, messes left behind..
but let a ton of graying Americans who march peacefully and leave everything neater than it was before ask for the truth and CONDEMN THEM!

Chuck said...

MK, point taken although I would argue the menatlly ill can still know what they are doing

Z, it's the same mentality that will frisk a grandmother at the airport so that we do not seem to be signaling out Muslims

cube said...

Sometimes the hypocrisy is just too overwhelming to stomach. I find myself, more and more, keeping away from the news because it makes me spitting mad.

LASunsett said...

The media minimized the arrest total for the Pittsburgh demonstrations, and they minimized the number of peaceful demonstrators at the 9/12 rally in DC. 110 were reported to be arrested at the UPitt demonstration alone, but some outlets reported "scores". Likewise, the media reported 10s of thousands showed up in DC and law enforcement claimed 75,000. But from the shots we all saw from the air and the word of those who were there, there had to be well over 200,000.

With all of this minimizing going on, it could be said that the media has "minimal" influence with intelligent people who think objectively.

Chuck said...

Cube, I have read the newspaper religiously since I was in my mid teens. I've gotten to where I do it sparodically now

LA, I think it can also be said that by and large they are not catering to intelligent people

da patriot said...

The G-20 protests (riots) were so badly covered by the MSM that some blogs I have run across have actually characterized them as "peaceful". I think that was the whole point of the lack of coverage; to allow the public to draw the conclusion, by virtue of a lack of reporting to the contrary, that they were peaceful.

Chuck said...

Patriot, the truth is the media doesn't have to lie, they just gloss over the facts. The public cannot know what it isn't told.