Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quote Of The Week

"On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me,"..."They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide."

Van Jones "Green Jobs Czar" on his resignation.


I'm not going to spend a lot of time on why he resigned, I think anyone reading this knows what has transpired.

The reason I posted it is because of his sheer gall to downplay his far-left, American-hating, racist comments in the past and try to make them a right-wing conspiracy.

If anyone is confused as to why he is saying this, go read the way the story is being reported on CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and even in the AP article on Fox. All of these sites are playing directly into his storyline that it is a conspiracy to derail Obama. The best one being this opening line from CBS' story:

Van Jones took a bullet for his boss.

This would be stunning if not for one thing. Reread the paragraph above and see what is missing. As of this writing, to my knowledge, CNN has not reported on this story at all. I have been visiting their site off and on since Friday and have not seen anything about it. They are not even reporting on the resignation of a White House advisor. Completely ignoring it.

Bottom line, we won on this one but it was a hollow victory. Because of the reporting on this there is a sizable portion of the country that believes this man was trying to do good work for Obama on the environment and the damned Republicans are up to their usual tricks and making him a scapegoat to get Obama.

On a lighter note, I included this final quote by him.

(I have been) "inundated with calls from across the political spectrum urging me to stay and fight."

I have yet to hear who on the right is calling for him to stay, my suspicion is that CNN will post an article on the 3 Republicans in the country who asked Jones to stay and were drowned out by the far right terrorists.


Brooke said...

I don't think it was a hollow victory. I see it that, despite the complete fix being in by the midstream media, we managed to get our voices heard and effect change, regardless of the spin the left will put on it.

That said, I think you are spot-on about some odd three voices being trumpeted by the msm.

Leslie said...

Van Jones was a dry run. To see how extreme they can go with an appointee without the American people rising against him or her. They just found out. Now they will choose someone whose past they can better cover or scrub.

Just my thoughts.

Chuck said...

Brooke, i do agree and I thought about that. I guess I view it as winning a battle but still losing the war. We just have to keep working. As far as the 3 voices, I do exagerate, maybe there were 4 Republicans asking him to stay.

Leslie, excellant point and I have thought this before on other issues. I think that is what is happening when a staff member "leaks" a controversial issue. People raise a fuss and Obama says there was a misunderstanding. I sometimes even wonder how much of an accident some of Biden's missteps are. Not to give him too much credit.

Average American said...

I don't believe he had very many from the left asking him to stay either. Even most of them don't like Communists, and Van Jones is a self-admitted Communist.

dorsey said...

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MK said...

Good riddance to communist crap. I have a feeling though that people see through the bias of the media and know that this POS would not have left just because a few righties were agitating.

They might not know exactly why, but i think people are clever enough to know that politicians are thick-skinned weasels and don't walk away that easy.

Always On Watch said...

One of my conservative friends refers to CNN as Communist News Network.

Leslie's comment is interesting:

Van Jones was a dry run. To see how extreme they can go with an appointee without the American people rising against him or her.

Could well be.

Chuck said...

AA, I agree to some extent but there are a lot of people around Obama that want him to stay and that truly believe him to be a target of the right

MK, problem is that he may not be gone. There is word that these guys that have "left" the administration are still working with for the White House. Word is that Daschle is still in.

AOW, Communist News Network, lol. Leslie was dead on

DaBlade said...

Chuck, The Notorious Van Jones is the only one who cares about you, a white suburban male. PROFOUNDLY! Don't sit there suffering!

Chuck said...

DaBlade, my concern is his revelation that only white kids shoot up schools, that's pretty much all we have at our school.